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Why is lily so important?

Facts about lily flowers everyone should know

Lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers found in the Northern hemisphere. They grow in Asia, North America and Europe and are primarily found in temperate and tropical regions. They grow in the wild in grasslands, marshes and mountains. 

Lilies are used mainly for decorative purposes, though there are other uses for the lily flower. They are available in various colours like pink, red and purple though the white lily flower is the most popular one. 

Here are some of the exciting facts about lilies. 

Facts about Lilies

  • Lilies grow to a height of two to six feet tall. They can grow from both bulbs and seeds. The flowering season of lilies is summer and spring. They grow dormant during winter. Because of this, lilies are also considered the flower of May. They can grow and survive anywhere in nature and require little human intervention. 
  • Lilies grow in different colours, like yellow, orange, white, and pink. A white lily symbolises purity and is mostly used as a bridal flower bouquet. The pink lily symbolises feminity and admiration. For a passionate lover, you can gift a bouquet of red lilies. A yellow lily stands for joy and makes a great gift for a dear friend. 
  • Lilies have longer vase life and are the best choice for a flower bouquet. You can extend their life by cutting the pollen from the centre. This is a useful tip that you can follow in homes and offices that use lilies for decorative purposes. 
  • Lily is a non-poisonous flower. But it can be dangerous for cats. Thus, if you have cats as a pet, it is best not to keep lily flowers. 
  • Not all lilies have a scent. Only white or tiger lilies have fragrance. If you want a lily bouquet from florist Dubai, it is best to go for these two varieties. 
  • Lilies grow best when they are planted in a group. This also creates beautiful scenery in your garden. 
  • Lily is used for preparing essential oil and balm. It is also used for beauty treatment to reduce the scar and brighten the skin. 
  • Different varieties of lilies have different meanings. White lily represents purity and innocence. Tiger lily, on the other hand, stands for pride and confidence. Lily of the valley symbolises sweetness. 
  • The meaning of lily flower varies from country to country. Lily is considered a symbol of motherhood in Greek lore. The Chinese consider the lily as a symbol of luck. For the people of Assyrian civilisation, the lily was a holy flower. In Christianity, a lily represents innocence. 
  • There are some varieties of lilies that are edible. These are mostly grown in China and Korea. The edible varieties are Lilium brownii, Lilium pumilum, and Lilium dauricum. In some parts of the world, dried lilies are used as a laxative. Woody lily roots help treat stomach ailments. Mice, insects and squirrels also feed on wild lilies. 
  • Lilies are considered the flower for the 30th wedding anniversary. Thus, if your parents are celebrating their special day, you can gift them a lily bouquet without a doubt. 
  • Not all flowers with the name lily belong to the ‘lily’ family. Some types of lilies like peace lilies, calla lilies and Peruvian lilies do not belong to the lily family. The lily of the valley belongs to the asparagus family. 


Lily is one of the best flowers you can use for all occasions. Whether as a birthday gift, anniversary gift or congratulatory gift, a lily bouquet makes a perfect choice. You can now purchase lily bouquets from shops offering flower delivery Dubai. These shops source the most exotic variety of lily from farms worldwide and deliver it fresh to your doorstep. 

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