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All You Need to Know About International Women’s Day and Its Importance

International Women’s Day celebration - What is it all about?

International women’s day is an annual celebration that recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the world. It is a time to reflect on the progress made by women all over the world and call for changes. 

International women’s day is also a day to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in their communities. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity and making the world a better place to live for women.

Read on to know more about International women’s day and when and how it is celebrated. 

When is International women’s day 2023 celebrated?

The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911, in Austria, Germany, Denmark and switzerland. Over a million people attended rallies campaigning for women's rights to work, vote, be trained and hold public office. 

In 1975, the United Nations declared March 8th as international women's day. Nowadays, it has become a global event celebrated annually in many countries around the world. Thus, International women's day 2023 falls on March 8th, Wednesday.

There are different ways International women's day 2023 is celebrated. The day is marked by festivals, marches, parties and other international events that laud the progress made in supporting women's education, work opportunities, civil rights and health. It has been an opportunity for sharing knowledge and experiences among organizations, including non-profits, international aid organizations and global networks of people working together to promote a more equitable future for women around the globe. 

In Dubai, several events are conducted to celebrate International women's day 2023. Women gift flowers to each other to share their love and affection. Online flower shops provide special deals on Flower Dubai for this special day. If buying Flowers Dubai is a cumbersome task, these shops even offer flower delivery Dubai.  

How is International women's day Dubai celebrated in 2023?

  • Events and Festivals - International Women's Day Dubai is celebrated with a number of events and festivals conducted both online and offline. A few of the interesting events include talkshows by Mcgukin group, and Rotman Alumnae panel and a virtual running session. A special empowerment Brunch with the theme Embracing Equity is also conducted by 5Ws&How at Downtown Dubai.
  • Social Media - Social media is also used to celebrate International Women's Day Dubai. The hashtag #Embraceequity is widely used in social medias to share messages of support for women. The official International Women's Day website also has a dedicated section for Dubai, which features stories about inspiring women in the city.
  • Promoting Gender Equality - One of the main goals of International Women's Day Dubai is to promote gender equality, and this is something that is widely supported in Dubai. The city has a number of initiatives in place to help empower women, such as the Dubai Businesswomen Council and the Dubai Women Establishment. There are also a number of scholarships and programs available to help women start their own businesses.

Luxury flowers are widely distributed among women to celebrate this special occasion. You can buy 100 red roses or flower pink rose from a florist Dubai and gift it to your female friends and colleagues to celebrate this special day.


If you want to learn more about the history and significance of International Women's Day, as well as some ideas for how to celebrate it, be sure to check out our previous blog post on the topic. In that post, we delve into the origins of the holiday, share inspiring stories of women who have made a difference in the world, and offer suggestions for how you can celebrate the women in your life. Whether you're looking for ways to support female-owned businesses or simply want to show your appreciation for the women who have made a difference in your life, our previous blog post has something for everyone. So don't wait—give it a read and start planning your International Women's Day celebration today!

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