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Easy Fall Table Decoration Ideas

Autumn or fall is a season which the majority of UAE residents are not familiar with. Unlike in the Western countries, where the trees shed their leaves, and the weather starts cooling down, in UAE nature does not set the right mood for a fall season.

But those who are used to the autumn need not worry as you can always decorate your interior, especially your tables in an autumn style. By decorating your fall table, you are not only setting the right mood but also bringing in a warm and peaceful atmosphere indoor.

When it comes to fall décor, pumpkins, gourds, fall foliage, and pinecones are the main decorative elements. Pumpkins and gourds are available in almost all department stores in UAE. As for fall foliage and pinecones, you can pick artificial ones from home décor shops.

Focal Points to decorate a fall table

The best way to decorate a fall table is to create a focal point. Here are a few ideas to create a focal point.

Decorate with gourds: If you have a large dining table, you can place gourds of different sizes and shapes to create a focal point. Pumpkin, zucchini and bitter gourd would make right centerpieces. You can either set it in a large bowl or spread it in a tray.

Pumpkin vases: You can also make beautiful vases out of the pumpkin. For this cut a hole on top of the pumpkin and remove all the seeds. Place some orange flowers and green leaves inside to create a beautiful piece. This pumpkin vase can be placed either as a centerpiece on your dining table or can be set in the side table in your living room.

Another option is to make a small hole in the pumpkin and place votive candles inside. If you want, you can even spray paint the pumpkin in colors of your choice. Apples can also be used to make the votive centerpiece.

Decorate with metallics: Using metallic elements is another way to decorate your table. You can decorate your dining table with metal wine holder, metal fruit bowl or pumpkins spray painted in a metallic shade.

Candles and stand

Side tables in the living room can be decorated with a metal candle stand and other metallic décor pieces. Copper foil tapes can be stuck to flameless candles to add to the metallic theme.

While using metal as décor piece, make sure that you go with copper or brass shade.

Make it romantic: Red is the color of love and romance. Add a touch of romance by placing a bouquet of red flowers as the centerpiece. You can also light some candles to set in the right mood. Side tables in the living room can be decorated with aromatic candles in apple, pomegranate, vanilla and pumpkin fragrance.

Side tables in the living room can be decorated with aromatic candles in apple, pomegranate, vanilla and pumpkin fragrance.

Provide a glossy touch: Make your autumn décor bright and shiny by adding a golden colored runner or glittered candles. You can also use a golden colored candle stand to provide a rich feel.

Spray painted pumpkin

Another alternative is to spray paint pumpkin and use it as a centerpiece. This will not only provide a glossy look to your table décor but also brings in the right mood of the season.

Bring nature indoor: Use indoor plant to provide a natural touch to your décor. Place tabletop plants like bonsai on the side table to give an eco-friendly look to your décor.

Add a touch of plum color: Plum or grape color would make an ideal color for autumn décor. Place a jar with grape wine and decorate the table with plum colored candles and table clothes.

Essential oil blends to bring the aroma of fall

To bring in the right mood of the season you should not only decorate your house with autumn themed elements but also infuse the right fragrance inside the house.

Here are few essential oil blends you can try to bring in the flavor of the season. These blends can be added to dry flowers and kept as a focal point on the coffee table, or it can be added to a diffuser and kept on the side table of the living room.

Trick or treat flavor: Blend 3 drops of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of vanilla and one drop each of cinnamon and clove to make the trick or treat flavor. This blend can be used on the days leading to the Halloween.

Warm citrus: This blend has more of an earthy smell and is less fruity. To make this blended mix together four drops of sweet orange oil, two drops of ginger oil and one drop of patchouli.

English Pomander: This blend reminds you of the traditional English Pomander. To recreate this flavor, mix three drops of sweet orange, one drop of bergamot, one drop of cinnamon, and two drops each of clove and sandalwood.

Morning frost: This scent can create an illusion of an autumn morning amidst the alpine forest. To create this blended mix five drops of fir needle essential oil, two drops of wintergreen oil, one drop each of rosemary and cedarwood, and two drops of Cajeput.

Warm Tea: The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Autumn weather is warmth. How about the aroma of a cup of warm tea? For that mix three drops of cardamom, two drops each of cinnamon and ginger, and one drop each of clove and nutmeg.

Pumpkin pie: Autumn is all about pumpkin and pumpkin décor. Bring in the flavor of pumpkin by blending two drops each of sweet orange, rosemary, eucalyptus, and ginger and one drop each of cinnamon and clove.

Decorating for fall need not be confined to the table alone. You can also use other decorating elements like indoor plants for home and dry flowers to create an autumn garden feel indoor.

If you are short of time, no need to worry. There are a lot of online shops that offer flower and plant delivery at home. You can seek their service to recreate a mini autumn inside your house. The above tips to decorate your fall table would definitely help you in coming up with unique ideas.

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