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From Dubai's top flower shop, deluxe and premium flowers are available

Deluxe and Premium flowers from the best flower shop in Dubai

The Best Flower Shop in Dubai has a well-experienced florist Dubai who knows the likes and preferences of customers. To cater to the likes of the customers, these shops offer deluxe and premium flower arrangements. Whether you want to decorate your home with the best flowers from Florist Dubai or gift flowers to someone, this beautiful collection recommended by Florist Dubai makes a perfect choice. 

How Much are Flowers in Dubai?

The cost of flowers in Dubai varies depending on the type of flower and its size. While some flowers are less expensive and cost less than AED 90, others can be more expensive. Expensive flowers are typically priced above AED 200. 

Exotic flowers in Dubai are generally expensive. This is because they are sourced fresh from farms around the world. A few exotic Flowers in Dubai include tulips, calla lilies, amaryllis, orchids and proteas. These are Luxury flowers that you can gift as Birthday flowers or use for decorating your home. 

Another factor affecting the cost of flowers is their size. While a bunch consisting of a few flowers will be less expensive, large bouquets can be more costly. You can purchase Love Flowers depending on your budget. 

What are deluxe and premium flowers? 

Deluxe and premium flowers are flower bouquets based on their size. Deluxe flower bouquets have less number of flowers compared to premium bouquets. Thus, the cost of deluxe and premium flowers also varies depending on the number of flowers in each bouquet. 

Here are a few of the deluxe and premium flowers from

Deluxe flowers


  • 10 Shine on premium roses


This premium collection of roses consists of a bunch of ten roses in variegated shades of orange and yellow. This beautiful bunch of roses makes an excellent decor piece along with Indoor plants.


  • Mix spray roses


This is a simple and beautiful bouquet of off-white and purple-coloured roses. Ten mixed spray roses are beautifully arranged to create a premium arrangement. The mixed spray rose makes an excellent birthday gift for a dear friend. 


  • 10 burgundy calla lilies


The calla lilies, with their unique pattern and bold shade, make a perfect premium bouquet for any occasion. You can also place it in a tall vase for that ultima.

Premium flowers


  • 20 orange yellow tulips


This deluxe bouquet comes with twenty tulips in an orangish yellow shade. The bright colour of the tulips strikes a contrast to the bright green shade of the leaves. This bouquet makes an excellent side table decor. 


  • Bunch of duo spray roses


This beautiful bunch of spray roses in variegated designs of white and pink makes an excellent gift for any occasion. You can also place this bouquet in a clear glass vase to create the ultimate decor style. 


  • Orange passion bouquet


The orange passion bouquet has beautiful orange roses, spray roses and carnations elegantly arranged along with bright green foliage. This makes an excellent gift for your boss or colleague. 

These premium and deluxe flowers along with orchids and bonsai make excellent decor pieces for your interiors.


The type of bouquet you give a person depends on how close you are to them. Deluxe flowers are a perfect choice if you want to give a beautiful bouquet but are short on budget. If money is not a constraint, you can opt for a premium bouquet with exotic flowers. 

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