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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Best birthday present from a local florist

Best birthday gift from the flower shop near me

If you are looking for a birthday gift for your dear one, the flower shop near me is a perfect choice. The flower shop near me offers various gifting options, from flowers to cakes and indoor plants. Whether you want to gift cupcakes to your toddler, a vase arrangement to your wife or a large flower box to your boss, the flower shop near me has the perfect choices. 

Which are the best birthday flowers from the fresh flower shop near me?

The peculiarity of the fresh flower shop near me is that it procures flowers from around the world. These flowers are stored at the most optimum temperature; hence, they do not lose their freshness even after days. Here are a few of the best birthday flowers you can gift your loved ones. 

  • Ruby rouge bouquet

The bright hue of pink and the subtle shade of off-white makes the Ruby rouge bouquet stand out. The bouquet has bright pink and off-white roses that are artistically arranged to create a stunning flower arrangement. This beautiful arrangement also makes perfect love flowers

  • Latte paradise bouquet

Another unique bouquet from the fresh flower shop near me is the Latte paradise bouquet. The bouquet has eight coffee latte roses arranged amidst bunches of Ammi to create the ultimate Luxury flowers arrangement. 

  • Pink bliss bouquet

For a female friend or colleague, the Pink bliss bouquet from the fresh flower shop near me would make a perfect birthday gift. This beautiful bouquet has pink and off-white spray roses and pink hydrangeas that provide a stunning look to the arrangement. 

  • Golden sunflower in a basket

Yellow is the colour of joy and friendship. If you want to gift a dear friend on her birthday, this beautiful basket arrangement of sunflowers is the right choice. The arrangement comes with a card and a teddy bear as complementary gifts. 

Which are the best cakes from the cake and flower shop near me?

The cake and flower shop near me offers signature cakes that stands apart owing to their flavour and taste. These signature cakes make a great birthday gift, along with flowers like orchids

  • Kitkat fudge cake

This is a rich and moist chocolate fudge cake from Cake and Flower Shop Near Me with rich chocolate buttercream frosting. Kitkat chocolates are attached to the edge of the cake for that unique taste and feel. 

  • Vanilla sponge layered cake

For those who relish the subtle flavour of vanilla, the vanilla sponge layered cake from Cake and Flower Shop Near Me makes the perfect birthday cake. The cake is designed with floral buttercream frosting that adds to its elegant look. 

  • Chocolate hazelnut cake

This delectable chocolate moist cake comes with chocolate ganache layering with crunchy hazelnut filling. The rich flavour of chocolate and the subtle taste of hazelnut make this signature cake worth relishing. You can gift this cake along with flowers or indoor plants like bonsai

  • Red velvet sponge cake

The red velvet sponge cake with buttercream icing is the best birthday gift you can ever give your dear friend. The buttercream layering on the cake provides a spongy and sweet texture to the cake. 


Birthday celebrations are incomplete without flowers and cakes. The flowers should be bright and fresh, and the cake moist and sweet so the person celebrating the birthday can enjoy it to the fullest. 

If you are looking for fresh flowers and delectable cakes to compliment the flowers, is a perfect choice. You can purchase cakes and flowers at the click of a mouse, and they will be delivered fresh right to your doorstep.  

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