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How should you design your house for fall?

How to Decorate Your Home with Autumn Flowers Dubai?

It is officially the fall season. Though Dubai does not have chilly weather as in Western countries, you can feel a cold nip in the breeze. Decorating your home with autumn colours and themes is the best way to bring a fall season effect indoors. 

Fall colours and scents are what make the season special. A mix of orange, red, yellow and purple and the scent of pumpkin, clove and crisp apples can bring the autumn vibe to your interiors.

How to decorate your home in Autumn?

  • Living room

The coffee table gains all attention while decorating the living room. Beautiful bouquets with flowers Dubai is the best way to bring the autumn vibe. Remember to use orange and red flowers as they can bring a warm feel indoors. If you have side tables, you can place an orchid flower in an orange or yellow shade. 

A dry flower arrangement can also provide an autumn vibe to your indoors. You can either dry flowers on your own or get a dry flower arrangement from a florist.

  • Dining room

Whether you have guests coming over or want to brighten up the dining area, you can place a beautiful flower arrangement on the dining table. The side buffet will be an excellent place for a flower arrangement if the dining table is small. 

If you have a large vintage bowl, you can use it as a base for the arrangement. You can place orange-coloured love flowers Dubai along with bright green foliage. The arrangement size should be in proportion to the size of the table. 

  • Kitchen

Your kitchen will be pretty busy, considering the festive season ahead. The kitchen counter is the best place for fall decor. You can carve a pumpkin in the shape of Jack O’latern and place it on the counter. Alternatively, you can also use beautiful indoor plants to spruce up the kitchen. 

  • Bedroom

You can place beautiful newborn baby flowers in orange and white shades on the bedside table to create an autumn vibe. Another way to bring the autumn feel is to decorate the walls with autumn leaf buntings. You can also change the bedspread to an autumn-themed one. 

Beautiful flowers for autumn decor

Here are some beautiful flowers Dubai for autumn decor. 

  • Kahala delight

Kahala is a type of garden rose with dense petals. The Kahala delight is a bunch of Kahala flowers adorned with bright green leaves. The peach and apricot colours of the flower complement the autumn decor theme. 

You can place the Kahala flower on the side table in the living room or bedroom. 

  • 24 orange roses

Orange is the colour of Autumn. This beautiful bouquet with 24 orange roses makes a perfect decor piece for Autumn. Place this bunch of roses in a clear glass vase; it will surely add an autumn vibe to your decor. 

  • Island mocktail in white

If you want to brighten up your room a bit, this beautiful flower arrangement in white, orange and green shades makes a perfect choice. The flower arrangement has white hydrangeas, orange gerberas and other filler flowers and leaves that provide an elegant look.

The Island mocktail makes a great side table decor piece. 

  • The magnificent box

This is a box arrangement with beautiful Kahala roses. Peach and apricot-coloured roses are arranged amidst bright green leaves for a stunning look. The beauty of the arrangement is accentuated by the black box that strikes a contrast to the warm shade of the arrangement.  


Selecting the right flowers dubai can accentuate the beauty of the autumn decor. The flower shops in Dubai stock a variety of flowers for various occasions. It would be best to go for an eclectic mix of flowers, leaves and dry arrangements for that unique autumn effect. 

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