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Choosing Flowers for Your Bouquet: Tips and Tricks

Creating a bouquet: How to choose the right flowers?

Do you want to provide the perfect flowers for Dubai friend for their birthday? Or want to display that exotic blooms in your home? Choosing the right flowers from Flower shop near me can be tricky, as many options and combinations are available.

Worry not, as there are certain tips and tricks in making the right flower bouquet. Whether you want to gift birthday flowers, love flowers or New Baby Flowers, you can easily prepare one with the right type of flowers from a flower shop online. In this blog post, we'll cover some tips on choosing flowers for a bouquet that will stand out from the rest.

How to choose the right flowers for a bouquet?

  • Check the underside of the petals

The petals of fresh Luxury flowers will always be firm. You should check the underside of the petal to see whether it is firm. You should hear slight rattling when you move your finger underneath the petal. This is a sign of the freshness of flowers for Dubai.

  • Check the colour of the petal

The petal should be bright in colour. If the colour is faded, brown or transparent, it indicates that the flower is not fresh. You should avoid purchasing this type of flower.

Similarly, you should also check for pollen inside the flower. If there are seeds or pollen inside the flower, it shows that the flower is past its prime life.

  • Buy buds

While buying flowers Dubai, consider going for flowers that are still unopened and in bud form. These types of buds will last longer and keep the bouquet fresh for a long. Thus, it gives you more value for money.

  • Check the stem

You should check the stem and ensure that it is firm. The stem should be strong and thick enough for it to be able to support the flower without any difficulty. A weak stem can cause the flower to die off soon.

Similarly, if there is any discolouration of stem, it indicates that the stem is infested by bacteria. The bacterial infection will eventually move upwards and damage the flower and leaves.

  • Check the leaves

The leaves of the flower should be green, fresh and firm. There should not be any holes or brown spots on the leaves. This is a sign of bacterial infection. The calyx and sepals that cup a flower head should also be green and fresh


Choosing the right flowers for Dubai bouquet can be tricky and daunting. With these tips, you are better informed about choosing an arrangement that best fits your needs and budget. You should always consider their seasonality, preference, colour, availability and cost when deciding. is one of the best flower shop in Dubai that offers some amazing flower collections for all occasions through their online flower shop Dubai. They also offer doorstep flower delivery Dubai service. You are assured of bright and fresh flowers within a few hours of placing the order.


  • Which flower is best for a bouquet?

The commonly used flowers for a bouquet are roses, orchids, and lilies. Besides, you can also use gerbera, carnations and tulips to create a stunning bouquet. 

  • What flowers last longer in a bouquet?

Flowers like lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, and carnations last longer in a bouquet. 

  • How long can a bouquet stay fresh?

How long a bouquet can stay fresh depends on the type of flowers used in it. Typically, most bouquets stay fresh for 7-10 days with the right care and maintenance. 

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