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Tips for Arranging Cut Flowers

5 Tips and tricks for arranging cut flowers

Nothing beats a beautiful bouquet of bright, aromatic flowers. Whether you arrange them elegantly in a vase or buy a bouquet from a Flower shop near me, it will surely capture the heart of all. With the right tips on arranging cut flowers, you can create stunning floral bouquets to impress your guests and liven up your home. Roses, tulips or wildflowers, whatever the flower may be, can catch your eye with the right arrangement.   

Here are some tips and tricks from flower shop in Dubai for arranging those Luxury flowers. 

What are the tips and tricks for arranging exotic cut flowers?

  • Grid arrangement

If you place a bunch of birthday flowers on a vase, it tends to fall towards the side. To prevent this, flower shop in Dubai usually creates a grid with cellophane tapes. These grids will provide enough support to prevent the flowers from falling off. 

The only drawback of this method is that changing the water and cleaning the vase is difficult. You need to remove the grid each time to clean the vase.  

  • Use budables

Budables are container caps made of silicone with small holes in them. You can place the flower stems in these holes and make the arrangement stand upright. 

The main advantage of using budables is that you can easily remove the flowers from the vase for cleaning. You need not rearrange the flowers while using budables. The only drawback of budables is that the flower thorns can tear the silicone.

  • Use a double vase

In this method of flower arrangement, you can place one small vase inside a big one. You can fill the outer vase with beautiful greens or New Baby Flowers like the baby’s breath and the inner vase with large flowers. This double vase technique makes it easier to remove the flowers for cleaning purposes. It also provides a beautiful look with the tiered arrangement. 

  • Use foam base

Foam bases are one of the popular methods used by flower shop in Dubai for arranging flowers.  All you have to do is push the stems of the flowers into a foam base and place it inside the vase or any container. The foam holds the flowers in place without them falling off. 

  • Use bubble skirts

Bubble skirts are used mainly for floating flowers. The floating flowers tend to decay and sink after a few days. The bubble skirts attached to the base of the flowers prevent the flower from getting wet and slow down its decay. It also provides a beautiful look to the arrangement. 


There is no right or wrong way to design a vase full of blooms. It purely depends on your imagination and creativity. Ultimately, experimenting with different shapes, colours, and textures should create an inviting atmosphere everyone enjoys.

Buying flowers Dubai is no more a difficult task, thanks to Whether it is to gift love flowers or simply to beautify your interior, you will find plenty of seasonal flowers and plants in our online flower shop Dubai. Moreover, with the flower delivery Dubai option available in our flower shop online, 800flower turns out to be one of the best flower shop in Dubai for all your floral needs. 


  • What is the easiest way to arrange flowers?

You should start with the flower in the centre, which is usually the largest one. Once the flower is set, you should work in a circle with another variety of flowers forming the next layer. Continue this until the entire vase is filled.

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