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Celebrating Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday 2022 in the UAE

Muslims all over the world consider Prophet Muhammed as God’s messenger, who was sent to earth to spread the teachings of Islam. As such, his birthday is considered as a holy day by all Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday otherwise called Eid Al Mawlid is celebrated on 12th day of Rabi Al Awwal. This falls on October 7th, 2022, in UAE.

Prophet’s birthday is a public holiday in the country, and all government institutions, schools and most of the businesses will be closed on this day.

History of Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday

Where was Prophet Muhammed born?

Prophet Muhammed was born in 570 CE in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He was orphaned at the age of six and was looked after by his paternal uncle and family.

Prophet Muhammed’s life.

As the Prophet grew, he started getting attracted to Islamic verses and teachings. He would seclude himself in the mountains and pray for several nights.

At the age of 40, it is believed that the Prophet was visited by Gabriel (God’s messenger) and received his first revelation from God. In due course, he started preaching these revelations and launched the momentous program called Islam. He proclaimed that “God is One” and that submission to God is the right course of action one should follow.

Muhammed gained only a few followers in Mecca, and slowly he migrated to Medina with his followers where he continued his preaching. Since Mecca is Mohammad’s birthplace and Medina the place of his preaching, both the cities are considered as the holy places of Worship by the Muslims.

Prophet Muhammed’s birthday is known by different names in different countries though it is called Eid Al Mawlid in UAE.

How is Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday celebrated in UAE?

Prophet Muhammed birthday celebration is restricted to mosques and other Islamic worship places where religious lectures are given. The holy verses from the Quran are also recited as part of the celebration.

The day is a public holiday for all government offices and educational institutions all over the country.

Things to do in UAE during the holiday

Here are a few interesting things to do in UAE with family

  • Visit the Museum of illusion, Dubai: The latest attraction in Dubai, the Museum of Illusion, is a magical realm which the whole family can enjoy. This museum consists of various interesting exhibits like the Chair illusion where a person’s size is diminished depending on the object surrounding it and The Anti-gravity room where the person appears to be standing flat or slanted depending on the unconscious inferences of your brains. Another interesting attraction is the Infinity Room where mirrors are installed on all walls thus creating an illusion of infinite space.
  • Spend time in the park with family: As if the old parks in Dubai are not enough, the North Park is opened in Dubai Silicon Oasis. This park has a mix of amenities including water fountain, kid’s play area, sports facility, and food and beverage area. If the park is too far for you, then you can have some quality time at the Safa Park, Zabeel park or Creek Side Park. Those in Abu Dhabi can have some quality time at the Baniyas National Park or Umm Al Emarat Park.
  • Have a wonderful time at the ‘Indoor’ street food market: A new indoor street food market is opened in City Center Deira, that provides an opportunity for the residents to enjoy the street food even during the hot summer months. Apart from delicious street food from all over the world, the Indoor also has a Karaoke station where you can sing your favorite tune or indulge in some adrenaline pumping activities at the arcade game section.
  • Relax in one of the beach clubs: Get a taste of Caribbean island right here in Dubai at the Playa Nomade at The Palm, Dubai. This beach club with its non-motorized water sports, kids club, and restaurants and bar are the right place for the entire family to relax. You can also try out other interesting beach clubs in Dubai like the Nikki Restaurant and Beach Club, Cove beach and Azure beach.
  • Explore the new theme park in Abu Dhabi: Inspired by the Warner Bros, the WB World Abu Dhabi is the latest destination in the city for fun and frolic. The park has various rides, shows, and attractions that are sure to fascinate the entire family. Few of the attractions in the park include the Bedrock a world of stone age family fun and adventure, Cartoon Junction where all your favorite cartoon characters join under one sky and the Gotham city, the world of Batman with various dramatic moments and action-packed fun.
  • Go up the Dubai Frame: If you have not visited this attraction in Dubai, then this public holiday is the right time to make a visit. You can book a ticket online and go up the frame and get an impressive view of both old and new Dubai. The frame also throws a glimpse on the story of Dubai that emerged from pearl and fishing trade to one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of the world.
  • Go shopping: Shopping is the favorite past time of UAE residents and public holidays are the right time to go shopping with friends and family. You can visit the various malls in the city or walk down the traditional souk as the climate will be at its best. If you are lucky enough, you can even go for international shopping at the global village as the date for opening the village is not yet open.

Being in a country like UAE, there are a lot of ways you can spend public holidays. If going out and exploring places is not for you, then you can have a relaxing time at home with family.

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