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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Top 5 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day

The words ‘Valentine’ and ‘flowers’ are synonymous to each other. It is impossible to imagine a valentine’s day celebration without gifting a bouquet to your dear one. For centuries, flowers were given as valentines day gifts especially for women.

Though chocolates, cakes, and cards have gained popularity in the recent past, the tradition of gifting flowers during valentine’s day still continues.

History of Gifting Valentine’s Day Flowers

The tradition of gifting flowers on valentine’s day was started by Charles II of Sweden in the 18th century. Each flower symbolized different things. Thus, by gifting a bouquet with different types and colors of flowers, a whole message can be conveyed to the other person.

Though a bouquet of roses in red color is the traditional floral gift given during valentine’s day, various other flowers are also being given nowadays. This is because each type and color of flowers has its own meaning. Since Valentine’s day is not just for lovers but also for all people whom you love, gifting other types of flowers also gain significance.

Most Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to purchasing a bouquet, your Valentine’s preference should be given top priority. If there is any particular flower which she is fond of, then you should consider gifting bouquet of that specific flower.

If you are unsure of your valentine’s choice of flowers, then you can consider any of the most popular and widely available flowers in Dubai for gifting.

  1. Rose: Rose is the most popular and widely purchased flower for valentine’s day. Available in a range of colors with a beautiful aroma, roses are flowers of passion and beauty. By gifting a bouquet of beautiful red roses, you are conveying your love for the other person. But if you want to symbolize the purity and innocence in your relation, then a bouquet of white roses would be the best choice. Want to gift a bunch of roses to your dear friend on valentine’s day? Then a bunch of yellow roses would be the right choice. A bouquet of pink roses would be the best valentines day gift for your wife as it stands for feminine beauty, admiration, and gentleness.
  2. Tulips: Though tulips are very simple in appearance when compared to roses, they are being gifted during valentine’s day because of their exotic nature. They are budget-friendly, and hence you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a tulip bouquet. Moreover, tulips have hard stems, and when properly taken care of they can last for weeks. This can symbolize your deep-rooted feeling for the other person. Just like roses, tulips are also available in different colors, and you can choose the one depending on your valentine’s choice.
  3. Lilies: Whether it is pink, red, white or orange, lilies are worth gifting to your valentine because of its delicate petals and soothing aroma. Just like tulips, lilies also have a hard stalk which signifies your deep-rooted love for your valentine. Lilies also stand for devotion and gifting a bouquet of lilies symbolizes your dedication to your valentine.
  4. Orchid: Orchids are very delicate flowers that symbolize love and care. They are exotic and gorgeous and is a symbol of luxury and richness. Though purple colored orchids are more common, these flowers are also available in other shades like white and pink. Gifting orchid to your valentine shows how much you value your relationship.
  5. Carnation: Carnation is considered as the first wedding anniversary flower. But, in reality, it is more than an anniversary flower. It has a deep-rooted meaning depending on the color of the flower.

By gifting a deep red carnation flower, you are expressing your true love and passion for your valentine. A bouquet of white carnation flowers symbolizes the purity in your relationship.

Best Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Here are a few of the best valentine’s day bouquet you can gift your dear one.

  • 12 Red Roses: This signature collection consists of a dozen red roses that are beautifully wrapped in a brown paper sheet. Since red rose flower stands for love, this bouquet would make an ideal valentines day gift for that special person whom you love with all your heart. The bouquet comes with a standard message card to write down your valentine’s day message.
  • White Orchid: Orchid symbolizes love and luxury. This white orchid would be a good valentine day gift for that person whom you would like to shower with all luxuries in life. The white orchid comes with a clear cylindrical vase and a standard message card to pen down your valentine’s day message.
  • 50 Red Roses: 800Flower’s Luxury Flowers consists of the most elegant and prized designer flowers, beautifully wrapped and carefully delivered for those extra special private moments. The 50 Red Roses has 50 premium Red Roses, delicately wrapped in a luxury bouquet. 800Flower delivers unparalleled sophistication never seen before in the UAE.  Let her know she’s worth it.
  • 36 Red Roses: Need to make a lasting impression?  Roses and more roses!  Make a statement with 36 of the most beautiful red blooms they have ever seen. Expertly arranged and hand-tied by the UAE’s best florists, this flower arrangement delivers a unique gift that will leave the lasting memory you want them to have of you.

Valentine’s day is unimaginable without beautiful flowers and gifts. There are many flower shop Dubai that import exotic flowers from different parts of the world especially for valentine’s day. These shops offer not just flowers but also gift delivery Dubai thus making your valentine’s day an extra special one.

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