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What you really mean when you gift an Orchid

A birthday or anniversary is around the corner. And what better way to show your love for your dear one than providing a bunch of fresh flowers! Though there are a wide variety of gifts available in the market from chocolates to teddy bears, the beauty and charm of fresh flowers never fade away. Why? It’s simple: because the flower is symbolic of love – always attractive, cute, fascinating and strong.

Apart from roses, one flower that is widely used for gifting is an Orchid. It’s bright and bold color, beautiful shape and variety of smell makes it a favorite with all expert flower shops and florists in Dubai and the UAE. Moreover, it is considered to be exotic and rare and extremely difficult to grow and hence is a pricey possession. Thus, gifting an orchid the depth of love one has for another person.

Orchids are available in almost 25,000 species and come in a variety of beautiful colors. They are easily distinguishable because of beautiful orchid colors and patterns. Some varieties of orchids have a single bud whereas few other have multiple shoots with each bloom.


Orchids are associated with fertility, virility, and sexuality. Who would have thought an orchid plant conveys sexuality! The complexity of the orchid plant have given them a long history of being associated with romance, fertility and bond, across the world, in different cultures and historical periods.


Though orchids are available in different varieties, 6 varieties are considered to be popular

  1. Phalaenopsis Orchid (Moth Orchid): These are orchids with wing shaped leaves and comes in bright pink color. They look stunning because of their bright color and can liven up the even dull atmosphere. This type of orchid does not require direct sunlight and can be placed inside the house away from direct sunlight. Because of its pink color, it represents femininity, grace, and happiness
  2. Cattleya Orchid: These orchids are characterized by beautifully shaped petals in bright pink color with an orangish tint in the center. They have cylindrical stem from which roots that resemble noodles grow. This orchid is also a symbol of femininity, grace, and This type of orchid mostly grows in humid temperature.
  3. Vanda Orchid: Vanda orchid consists of different sub varieties with the purple and blue color being the most popular ones. It blooms 2-3 times a year and requires cool night temperature. Blue and purple orchid meaning are very noble; it represents royalty, dignity, and Thus, this type of orchid would be the right choice to gift someone you respect or admire.
  4. Paphiopedilum Orchid (lady slipper orchid): One of the easiest to grow varieties of orchid, the Paphiopedilum is yellow or cream in color with purple color dots that add to its charm. The flower consists of two wing petals, one large upright petal, and a slipper shaped lip. This type of orchid requires humid temperature and a fair amount of sunlight to survive. The cream and yellow color of the orchid symbolizes joy and a new.
  5. Miltonia Orchid: This orchid comes in a variety of colors from white to pink to dark purple and lilac and has a strong aroma. It closely resembles the popular flower pansy. Depending on its color the Miltonia represents various emotions like joy, admiration, beauty, and This orchid requires watering on a regular basis and should be kept away from direct sunlight.
  6. Cymbidium Orchid (Boat orchid): This type of orchids comes in a wide range of colors from white to green and yellow to cream. It can last up to 10 weeks and comes with a waxy texture. The petals are almost rounded that provides a beautiful and elegant look to the flower.


Apart from growing orchids at home, they are also widely used for gifting. At least, few of us will have the doubt – Are orchids good gifts? It definitely is because of the following reasons:

Striking and elegant: What makes orchid gift ideas more popular is its striking and elegant look. Most of the orchids come in beautiful shapes, colors and patterns. While the pink orchids represent femininity, grace, and joy, red colored orchids represent true love. Blue and purple colored orchid represent royalty and dignity. Thus, depending on the occasion and the person gifted you can select the type of orchid.

Right choice to express your feeling: Gifting orchid is the right way to express your feeling to another person. If you are in love with someone you can gift him/her red orchid. If you are proud of someone’s boldness, orange orchid would be the right choice.

Long lasting: Nobody wants the flower to wither away fast especially if it is given by someone you love. Orchids are the right choice as they are long lasting. If properly cared for, they can last from 4 to 10 weeks and can convey your message the right way. To ensure longevity place it away from direct sunlight and water it according to the species of orchid.

Little care: Unlike other flowers like rose and lily, orchid requires very little care. They need to be watered just once a week or 10 days and fertilized once a month. Most of the varieties do not require direct sunlight. Thus, they can be kept inside the house. Orchids are the right choice if you have no time to care for plants.

Adapts well to surrounding: Orchid can adapt well to any type of surrounding. The only condition while placing orchid is that it should be kept away from direct sunlight. Thus, even if your friend has a sprawling garden or lives in a condo, the orchid finds a special place.

No allergy: One of the problems with most other plants is that it causes a lot of allergy because of pollen grains. But orchid does not have any loose pollen grains, and hence chances of allergy are less. Thus, it can be safely gifted to kids and elderly people and even placed in houses with pets.

They can be dyed: Unlike normal flowers, it is very easy to dye orchids. A small hole is made in the stem of the plant and dye is injected. Once done, the hole is covered with wax. Within 24 hours of injecting the bloom starts to change color. Thus, you can artificially create orchids of any color as per your choice.

Strikes a conversation; If you have seen an orchid in any of your friend’s house, the chances are high that it becomes a topic of conversation. Orchid caring tips, purchasing tips, etc. are few of the topics that are widely discussed in this context.

Provides a personal touch: Whether it is a last-minute gift or a well thought out gift, the orchid has the power to create a personal touch. Because of its beauty and exotic nature, the person being gifted always get a special feel. Thus, if you have forgotten your best friend’s birthday orchid comes handy.

Spiritual purpose: The spiritual meaning of orchid is very powerful. When you want to go all spiritual or experience a spiritual breakthrough, accept orchid as a gift from someone and place it in a sunlit area. It definitely brings positive energy to you.

Last but not the least, because of its beautiful texture, color and pattern, orchids can be gifted as such. It does not require any special arrangement for gifting.

Whether it is Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or your close friend’s birthday, Orchid makes the perfect gift. If you are on the lookout for orchids or gifts for orchid lovers like cakes, chocolates or gift hamper, look no further. Visit our website right away, where we have orchids for sale with easy delivery at your convenient time and place. We provide luxury gifts at the most affordable rate with fast delivery.

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