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Garden Plants to Have at Home in Dubai During Summer

Thriving in the Heat: Your Guide to Summer Garden Plants in Dubai

The humid summer months are finally here in Dubai. The sweltering heat, increasing humidity, and bright daylight make day to day life miserable.

But one thing that can provide a soothing feel in this hot and humid weather is a plant. It’s bright green hue and refreshed look creates a cooling feel, both within and outside. Whether you stay in an independent villa or an apartment, having a small garden provides a comfort zone in your house.

Not all plants can survive the sweltering heat of Dubai. Hence, care should be taken to ensure that only those plants that can survive the harsh weather are kept in your garden.

5 Garden Plants for Your Home this Summer

1. Bougainville: Fully bloomed Bougainville in vibrant colors is a common sight in Dubai. Apart from white, Bougainville in red, pink, orange, and yellow are found in this region. Bougainville can either be planted as a flower bed or grown as a colorful fence over the garden wall. Since the plant has a high tolerance for drought, it can withstand the hot climate of Dubai. Once the plant is well established, it requires very little water and fertilizer. It can withstand direct sunlight, and the beautiful flowers do not wither off fast. Thus, it makes an excellent addition to your garden during the summer.


Bougainville | 800 Flower


      2. Plumeria: Plumeria or Frangipani is another commonly found flowers Dubai. The flower is characterized by white petals with a yellow tint in the center. It is also found in pink and yellow colors. The peculiarity of this flower is the sweet smell that makes it a favorite with plant lovers. Plumeria is a tropical flowering plant that can survive drought-like weather. Thus, it can withstand the harsh summer of Dubai. The flower can flourish in poor quality soil as well as in direct sunlight. Though the Plumeria is mostly found in tree form in the garden, it can also be grown in the balcony in pots of appropriate size.

Plumeria White | 800 Flower


3. Hibiscus Rosa: This is yet another flower that is commonly seen in tropical regions. This flower is otherwise called China rose and is available in white, yellow, orange, pink, and red. The red color in the center of the flower accentuates its beauty. The Hibiscus Rosa can survive the hot climate of Dubai, but cannot withstand a cooler climate. The plant requires a balanced fertilizer with a moderate amount of water. The hibiscus is mainly a shrub and can be planted in pots. Thus, it makes a beautiful addition to your balcony garden.

4. Flame tree: Just as the name implies, the flame tree is a huge tree that grows best in an outdoor garden. The tree is famous for its fiery orange and red flowers that resemble the flame. This is a tropical plant and can withstand direct sunlight. The peculiarity of the Flame tree is that it branches out like an umbrella. Thus, it creates a perfect shade underneath and makes a good canopy for your outdoor garden. You can plant the Flame tree in a good draining soil and fertilize it with household compost. The tree might shed its leaves during peak summer. But if watered properly, it can retain its greenery.

Flame Tree | 800 Flower


5.Vinca: Vinca is another beautiful flowering plant that can survive the UAE summer. It is available in different shades like white, pink, purple, and red. The peculiarity of the flower is that the center has a different color than the petal, thus creating a stunning effect.

How Do You Keep Plants During Summer?

Here are some tips to keep plants during the Dubai summer

  • Water deeply: During summer, the water evaporates fast, leaving the soil dry. To prevent this, plants should be watered deeply. Water slowly so that the soil absorbs the water completely. To check whether the soil is dry, you can use your fingers. If there is a gap between the side of the pot and soil, it is also an indication that the plant is under-watered.
  • Fertilize before summer: It is best not to fertilize the plants during summer. During this time, plants are completely stressed. Thus, if you add more fertilizer, it will add to the stress of the plants. To prevent this, you can add fertilizers before the summer peaks.
  • Do not repot: Repotting can also add to the stress of the plant. When a plant is repotted, it will take a few days to acclimatize to the new surroundings. If this is done during summer, then it will add to the stress of the plant.
  • Do not prune: Pruning the leaves can also add to the stress of the plant. Sometimes, the leaves might wither off because of excess heat. Once the summer season is over, the leaves will bounce back. Moreover, leaves, even if it is dry, help to keep the plant cool. Thus, you should avoid pruning during the hot summer season.

It is true that the summer season in Dubai is very harsh. But through proper care and maintenance, you can retain the lush look and greenery of your garden.

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GR landscape
May 05, 2023

“I’ve struggled to keep my plants alive during the hot summer months, so I really appreciate these tips. As a garden maintainer myself, I know how important it is to give your plants the proper care. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, check out our

Nov 05, 2022

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