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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Deals on flowers from a Dubai florist

Flower market deals from flower shop Dubai

Finding deals in online shops is always exciting. It lets you buy your favorite products at a much lesser rate. The same applies to flowers as well. 

Most of the time, deals on flowers happen during festivals or celebrations when their demand is high. Come October and November, it is the time of festivities, with Diwali, Halloween, and Thanksgiving lined up one after the other. Thus, having special deals on flowers is a win-win situation for our customers and us. 

If you plan to decorate your home this festive season, or gift birthday flowers to your dear ones, the flowershop Dubai has a special deal for you. 

What are the benefits of purchasing flowers on a deal?

  • Save money

The first and foremost advantage of buying flowers from flowershop Dubai on a deal is that it helps you save money. This is particularly so for luxury flowers like tulips, which are generally expensive. Money saved on flower purchases is money earned. You can use this money to purchase other gifts or decor items. 

  • Purchase more

Buying flowers on a deal lets you purchase more numbers. This is because when you purchase flowers at a lesser rate, you can use the money you saved to purchase more flowers. Thus, you might get eight roses for the price of four

  • More Variety 

Normally, when flowershop Dubai announces a deal, there will be more varieties of flowers than at regular times. Thus, you can mix and match different types of flowers as per your choice.  

Flowers on a deal from

  • 15 pink gerbera

This is a beautiful bouquet of 15 gerbera flowers in pink colour. You can place it on a side table in the living room or on the dining table. Since this is a bouquet of pink flowers, it also makes a gift for a female friend. 

  • 20 mix roses

This is a bouquet of 20 roses in dark pink and off-white colours. You can place this bouquet on the console table in the foyer. Alternatively, you can also gift this to a dear friend on her birthday, along with beautiful balloons.

  • Bunch of astilbe

The bunch of astilbe flowers in a maroon shade, along with fern-like leaves, makes a beautiful decor item. You can place it on a tall vase in the side table or foyer. 

  • 6 mix hydrangeas

The hydrangea, with its bushy flowers and pastel shades, is a treat to the eyes. This is a bouquet of mixed hydrangeas in pink and off-white colours. You can use it to decorate the side table in the living room or the bedside table in the bedroom. 

  • 20 mix colour premium roses

If roses are your go-to decor piece, this stunning bouquet of 20 assorted roses would be a perfect choice. You can use the roses as a bunch or place individual roses in different rooms. Your creativity matters while decorating with this beautiful bunch of premium roses. 

  • Bunch of autumn leaves

If you want to provide an autumn flavour to your interiors, the bunch of autumn leaves would be a perfect choice. A perfect blend of yellow, green and red makes this bunch of leaves an ideal decor piece for your home. 

  • Bunch of daisy

The white and yellow combination of daisies is a treat to the eyes. This beautiful bunch of daisy bouquets make a great side table decor. You can also place it on the foyer console table for a welcoming look. 


Does the cost of flowers deter you from purchasing them? Worry not, as our flower deals are meant for our dear customers. Browse our flower market deals and get premium flowers at affordable rates. 

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