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Summer is Here - Our Favorite Flowers that Bloom During the Sunny Season

Summer in the UAE is harsh. But this does not mean that beautiful flowers do not bloom during this season. There are different varieties of flowers that can bear the drought-like situation in the region. You can fill your garden with vibrant and colorful summer flowers through proper care and maintenance. 

Let us look at a few of the flowers that can bloom during the sunny season. 


Lilies are flowers that can grow in any season, even in extreme climates. The peculiarity of lilies is that it lets the leaves dry off during the summer season, thus preventing moisture loss from their flowers. This leaves the flowers fresh and vibrant.  

The best way to grow lily is to plant a different variety of flowers that grow in succession. This way, your garden will be full of lilies throughout the summer season. 


Marigolds are flowers that add colour and a vibrant look to the garden. They are available in various colours from light yellow to an orange and golden brown. The flower can survive well in full sun to partial shade. Marigold requires fertile, well-drained soil for its lush growth. At the same time, it can also tolerate dry conditions. 

Marigold can be planted on the ground to cover a major part of the garden or on pots as an edging plant. You can also grow marigold on balconies, provided it gets at least 6 hours of sunlight. 


The king of flowers can grow abundantly during the summer season. The plant requires 10-12 inches of deep watering to survive the summer heat.  You should avoid watering the foliage and blooms as it can cause diseases. 

Once the growth of roses slows down, you should prune the plant to encourage new growth. Also, while pruning, remember to prune the leaflet with five leaves as it encourages the growth of more flowers. 


Dahlias require ample sunlight for their healthy growth. Around 8 hours of sunlight is required for its lush growth. The flower has symmetrical petals that are bright in colour. The flower blooms in a wide range of colours like red, white, yellow, orange and pink. To prolong the growth of dahlia, deadheading the flower is very important. 


Closely associated with the sun, this beautiful flower can tolerate extreme summer temperatures. The plant grows best in areas where there is direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours. Well draining soil is also very important for the lush growth of the plant. 

Sunflowers should never be allowed to dry off as they cannot recover once dry. Thus, you should water the plant well during the summer months. You should also provide support to tall plants with stakes for their healthy growth. 


The bright colors and ornamental vine make bougainvillea a good choice for your garden. Though a native of Brazil, it grows well in the summer season of the UAE. The plant requires 6-8 hours of sunlight for its healthy growth. 

Being summer does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful garden with vibrant flowers. Through careful selection and maintenance, you can have a garden full of beautiful bloom even during the summer season. 

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