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Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Home Decor

How to Achieve Elegant Spring Flower Home Decor from UAE

Spring is officially here, and the sunnier, warmer days are finally starting to be noticed! If you’re anything like us, then you want your home to reflect this fresh new season. One way to do that? Decorate your home with spring flowers! 

Not only will it brighten up any room with its vibrant colours, but it can also add a more inviting atmosphere. Here at, we know all about incorporating seasonal decor into our homes. So we have put together the perfect guide on how to Decorate your home with spring flowers! Read on and get ready to experience an interior design transformation and decorate your home with spring flowers.

Which are the best spring flowers in UAE you can use for decoration?

Decorating your home with spring flowers in UAE can provide a new look to your interiors. If you are looking for Spring flowers in UAE to decorate your home, here are a few we recommend. 

  • Rose - Roses are perennial flowering plant that grows well in the UAE. They are available in different colours like red, pink, white and lavender, thus making them one of the best Flower Dubai for bouquets. If you want to gift flowers as such instead of a bouquet, then roses make a perfect choice.
  • Lilies - Lilies are large prominent flowers that make a perfect spring decor item. Madonna or White lilies are native to the Middle East and grow well in this region during spring. If you are looking for Flower delivery Dubai for home decor or as a wedding gift, lilies are perfect.
  • Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas are another variety of Spring flowers in UAE that you can use for decorating your home. Though native to East Asian countries, hydrangeas grow well in the spring season in the UAE. If you are looking forward to buying Flower Dubai, which is bushy and elegant, hydrangeas are perfect.

Beautiful spring flower bouquet to beautify interiors this season

The best way to use spring flowers for decor is in the form of a Spring flower bouquet. Here are a few beautiful bouquets you can use this time of the year.

  • Nassim bouquet - The charm of roses is what makes this bouquet stand out. This bouquet has beautiful white O’Hara roses and pastel pink spray roses, making it the perfect Spring flower bouquet.
  • Hera bouquet - The Hera bouquet, with its beautiful pink lilies and bright green foliage, is another great flower bouquet for spring decor. You can also gift it as Birthday Flowers Dubai to a friend or colleague.
  • Pastel magic flower box - You need not restrict the spring decor to a spring flower bouquet. Flower boxes also make a perfect spring decor item. The pastel magic flower box has beautiful roses, hydrangeas, orchids and other filler flowers beautifully arranged in a white rectangular box. Provide a pastel touch to your interiors and bring in the spring vibe with this flower box.
  • Rose garden - A bunch of beautiful red roses is always a delight to the eyes. The rose garden has stunning red roses artistically arranged in a black box. Place the rose garden on a side table in your room and see the magic it creates.

This beautiful box arrangement of luxury flowers also makes great love flowers for your dear one.

In addition to flowers, you can also use indoor plants like bonsai and anthurium to provide a green touch to your interiors during spring.


Spring is a time of happiness and a positive vibe. Bring the colours outside to the interior of your house by decorating with beautiful spring flowers. has an excellent collection of spring flowers that can change the overall look of your interiors.

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