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Best Vases for Flowers

Flowers in myriads of colors, shapes, and textures are a pleasant sight to the eyes. A bouquet of beautiful flowers with its soothing smell wafting through the air is sure to fill your mind with joy and pleasure.

But do you know that the right flower vase can accentuate the beauty of flowers? Yes, flower vases are meant not just for holding the flowers, but also to provide an altogether new look to the flower arrangements. It highlights the beauty of the flowers and at the same time offers an elegant look to the whole arrangement.

Let us have a look at a few of the best vases for flower arrangement.

Best Vases by Budget

Here are a few different types of vases based on budget

  • Plastic vase: Plastic flower vase is the most budget-friendly vase. It is available in different colors and shapes, and you can select one depending on your taste.
    The plastic vase is not breakable and hence can be used for a long time. But they are not eco-friendly.
  • Ceramic vase: Ceramic vases also comes in different shapes and colors with beautiful designs. Of all types of ceramic vases, Chinese ceramic vase is the most popular. Ceramic vases are available from AED 50 and above depending on the design of the vase.
    Ceramic vases are eco-friendly, but it tends to break easily if not handled properly.
  • Glass Vase: For all those looking for a simple flower vase, glass vases are the right choice. Most of the glass vases available are clear glass vases, though colored vases are also not rare. The price depends on the design and shape of the vase.
    Just like a ceramic vase, glass vases are also eco-friendly. But they tend to break if not handled properly.
  • Metal vase: Metal vases are available in several designs and finishes and would make an ideal center table vase. Metal vases are slightly expensive when compared to glass and plastic vase.
    The main advantage of the metal vase is that since it is not transparent, it tends to hide the stem of flowers. Thus, your flower arranging secrets are not easily visible. Moreover, metal vases are also unbreakable.

Best Vases needed for Fresh Flowers

Depending on its shape, you can go for any of the below vases for arranging a flower bouquet.

  • Tall vase: Tall flower vase can be used to arrange flowers with a long stem like tulips and roses. This type of vases is mostly available in glass, though tall plastic vases are also available. The peculiarity of tall vase is that the neck of the vase may or may not be narrow.
    While arranging the flowers in a tall vase, make sure that the height of the flower is no more than 1 ½ times the height of the vase.
  • Cylindrical vase: Cylindrical vase is similar to a tall vase. But the diameter of the vase will be uniform throughout. There will not be any narrowing near the neck. Because of this you should have a big bunch of flowers to make this arrangement beautiful.
  • Square vase: Square vase is short and looks more like a cube. These vases can hold flowers with small stems. If you are using long-stemmed flowers Dubai, then you should trim the stem before placing it in the vase.
  • Novelty: These are vases that come in unique shapes. The shape of such vases makes it a favorite with homeowners. Few novelty vases even come with painting or pictures on its surface.

Selecting the Perfect Flower Vase

There are certain things you should consider while selecting a flower vase.

  • If you plan to place the vase on the floor, then you should go for a large vase. On the other hand, if the vase is meant for the side table or coffee table, then a small vase would be the right choice.
  • The vase selected should never overpower the beauty of the flowers.
  • If you want to provide a minimalistic look to your interior, then you should go for a plain cylindrical glass vase.
  • If you have flowers with a beautiful stem like tulips, then you should go for clear glass vase.
  • While using small vases like a square vase, go for bulky flowers like rose and marigold. Bulky flowers in a small vase provide a beautiful look to the whole arrangement.

Which Vases go with Flowers

It is always best to select the vase depending on the flower you are planning to arrange.

  • Cylindrical vase: If you have cylindrical vase then you should go for flowers with long stems like lilies, rose and sunflower.
  • Square vase: Bushy Flowers would look good in square vase. Few of the flowers that you can try are a sunflower, rose, and marigold.
  • Round vase: A short round vase can be beautifully paired with roses. The shape of the roses complements the circular shape of the vase thus providing a beautiful look.
  • Bud vase: A bud vase is characterized by a curvy body and slender neck. Small flowers like poppies or freesia would look good in bud vase.

Whatever the shape of the vase is, nothing can complement the beauty of a glass vase. If you use tall glass vase, then go for flowers with beautiful stems like tulips as the stems will be visible from outside. On the other hand, if the vase is short, then you can use flowers with a short stem like rose. Pebbles can be used to cover up the stem of these flowers.

To arrange flowers in a vase, you should select the vase and flowers carefully. A bouquet of roses would go with any vase as the length of the stem can be adjusted as per the height of the vase.

Flower shop Dubai offers different varieties of flowers and vases as per your requirement. Get beautiful flowers from these shops and make a stunning arrangement.

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