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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

A Beautiful Bouquet Of Flowers For a Birthday

Gifting an adult person for his/her birthday is not an easy task. While toys would make an ideal gift for kids, it is not the case with adults. Unless the person being gifted is very close to you, you may not know his/her personal preferences. This is where a bouquet of flowers gain significance.

Are Flowers a Good Birthday Gift?

A Fresh flower bouquet is considered to be the best gift that you can give to any person. Whether it is your spouse, friend or colleague a flower bouquet would make an ideal gift for a birthday.

There are various reasons why flowers are considered an ideal birthday gift.

  • By gifting a bouquet of flowers, you convey a warm feeling to the recipient.
  • By choosing flowers of the right color, you can convey your feeling to the other person.
  • Flowers are versatile, and they can brighten up any space in the house or office.
  • When the person being gifted is on a diet, the next best alternative is gifting a bouquet of flowers.

Types of Flower Bouquets to Gift on a Birthday

Let us have a look at a few types of flower bouquet delivery in Dubai.

Bouquet of Roses: These types of bouquets come in different types and colors. Some are arranged in paper bags like the Sierra, and few come in clear glass vase like the 12 Pink Roses Roses are also available in yellow, red, white and pink colors and comes in a bouquet of 50 and 100 flowers. Both big and spray roses are used for making bouquets.

Bouquet of Tulips: Tulips are famous for the half-opened blooms that provide them a unique look. Bouquet of tulips is available in different hues like yellow, purple, white and pink.

Bouquet of lilies: Since lilies are very delicate flowers, a bouquet of lily comes adorned with other flowers like rose, hydrangea, and carnation. If you are looking for a lush and lavish arrangement of flowers, then the Pink Butterflies would be the right choice. For a simpler arrangement, you can go for Elegance by 800flower.

Bouquet of Carnation: The full bloom and delicate petal of the flowers, make the carnation the right choice for a floral bouquet. Just like lilies, carnation bouquet also comes with other flowers like rose and lily. They come in a range of colors and provide a lush and fuller look to the bouquet. Check out Orange Passion Bouquet.

If it is your dear friend’s birthday and you are looking for flower bouquet online delivery, then you are in the right place. provides the best online bouquet delivery in Dubai at your convenient time and place. Whether it is birthday bouquet, bridal bouquet, or wedding bouquets you are sure to get the best flower from us.

Look no further! Browse our collection of the floral bouquet and make your purchase right now.

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