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Mother's Day in the UAE: A Complete Guide

All you need to know about mothers day in UAE

Mother's Day is a celebration that honours mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated annually in many countries around the world on different days. Mother's Day in UAE is celebrated on March 21st each year, as this marks the first day of Spring in the United Arab Emirates!

Mother's day in UAE is a great opportunity to recognise all that your Mother does for you. From showering you with love and giving you strength when needed most to teaching valuable life lessons, moms significantly impact our lives. On Mother's Day in UAE, let's take some time to show appreciation for all that they do by surprising them with small gifts or simply spending quality time together. 

When is Mother's day celebrated in the UAE?

If you are new to the UAE, then you might wonder when Mother's day celebrated in the country. Is Mother's day celebrated like in the rest of the countries? Or is there a specific mother' day for the UAE? Here is the answer to your query. 

When is Mother's day in the UAE? In UAE, Mother's day is celebrated on March 21st. This day is celebrated as Mother's day not only in the UAE but also in other Arab countries. This day closely coincides with the Mother's day celebration in the UK, which falls on March 19th. 

Mother's day being a special day for all, is celebrated in different ways in the country. People mostly gift flowers like a bouquet of lilies or other beautiful flowers. If your Mother celebrates her birthday around this time of the year, you can gift her birthday flowers Dubai. For new mothers, there are special flowers for newborn baby girl and baby boy. 

Thus, if you are wondering when is Mother's day in the UAE, the answer is March 21st.

How is Mother's day in Dubai celebrated in 2023?

The celebration of Mother's Day in Dubai is a special and cherished event. Children usually come together to celebrate the occasion and show their appreciation for all that their mothers do for them. Luxury flowers and gifts are given to mothers as a sign of love and appreciation. Special meals are also prepared to celebrate the day. 

In today's busy schedule, it might be difficult for children to spend time with their Mother. But, if possible, you should go out for a special meal together or perhaps go on a day trip or outing. Or you may simply spend time at home, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Whatever the plans may be, the focus should be on spending quality time together and showing mothers just how much they are loved and appreciated.

Gifts are often given to mothers on Mother's Day in Dubai to express love and gratitude. Flowers are a popular choice, as they are symbols of beauty and life. You can buy 100 red roses, or flower pink rose for your Mother as per her choice. Jewellery, clothes, or other items that mothers can use or enjoy are also commonly given as gifts. Whatever the gift may be, it will surely be appreciated by any mother who receives it.

Mother's Day in Dubai is a day for celebrating mothers and all that they do for their families. It is a day for children to show their love and appreciation and to make cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Looking for the perfect gift to send your mom on Mother's Day? Consider flower delivery Dubai services! With a wide variety of beautiful blooms to choose from, you can pick a bouquet that reflects your mom's personality and style. Plus, with convenient delivery options, you can surprise your mom no matter where she is in the UAE. Make this Mother's Day extra special with a thoughtful gift of flowers.

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