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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

World Art Dubai 2023: The Art Lover's Ultimate Destination

All you need to know about the famous World Art Dubai 2023

A unique blend of art, education and entertainment, the World Art Dubai is conducted every year to bring original art to the Middle East. It is a platform where art curators, collectors and enthusiasts get to buy and sell original art under one roof. 

The first World Art Dubai was conducted in 2015 and has now become the region’s most affordable art fair. In 2023, The World Art Dubai will be conducting the eighth edition of the expo bringing contemporary art from the world over. The expo will be conducted from 9 -12th March at the Dubai World Trade Center. 

Why should you exhibit your work at an art gallery in Dubai in 2023?

Till recently, people used to gift mainly flowers for all occasions. Since there are several options for Flower Delivery Dubai, Flowers Dubai is always easy. 

Though flower Dubai continues to be a major gift for all occasions, you can see a shift in the gifting pattern, especially among art enthusiasts. More and more people have started purchasing work from Art Gallery Dubai for gifting purposes. They consider this a valuable asset that can be cherished throughout life. Thus, exhibiting your artwork in an Art Gallery Dubai gains a lot of significance.    

If you are an artist, World Art Dubai is the right platform to exhibit your work. Apart from art collectors, you get to meet interior designers and corporate collectors from various sectors who are keen on collecting unique artwork. Moreover, you get networking opportunities with purchase decision-makers from various industries. 

If you are building a brand for your artwork, then exhibiting in an art gallery Dubai at the World Art Dubai fair is the best place to get much-needed marketing exposure. Press coverage, media coverage, and radio campaigns give you a lot of exposure. 

Experience the city through art exhibitions Dubai and its flower shops

Dubai is home to some of the most exciting art exhibitions Dubai in the world. From local and international galleries to private collections, visitors can explore a wide range of art exhibitions Dubai while taking in the city's vibrant culture. A few of the must-visit art exhibitions Dubai include the World Art Dubai, the Sikka art and design festival, and Art Dubai 2023. Independent artists also exhibit their artwork through independent exhibitions like Movement by Antonio Signorini and Mike Arnold’s Odyssey. 

However, art isn't the only attraction that Dubai has to offer. With its luxury flower shops that sell exotic flowers, guests can buy a wide variety of flowers for all occasions. If you want to buy 100 red roses for your lover or a flower pink rose for someone special, it is possible in Dubai. Similarly, you can purchase beautiful luxury flowers from florist Dubai for that dignitary visiting your company. By exploring its galleries and florists alike, visitors can experience Dubai's beauty and vibrancy.


Dubai is not just about its various skyscrapers and shopping destinations. The city has a lot to offer for all.

For art enthusiasts, this is the right place to explore various art expos and galleries and get to know the art scene in the city. For art collectors, you can get a few of the most exquisite pieces by visiting the World Art Dubai and other expos. For artists, Dubai is the right place to exhibit their artwork and get their name out into the art world. Thus, the city has a lot to offer art enthusiasts from around the world. 

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