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Did You Know The Meaning Of a Red Rose?

Roses have traditionally been used since the beginning of time on special events and occasions as a personalized gift to convey love, romance and desire. There are different kinds of rose colors and not all of the rose colors imply a deep kind of love that is traditionally associated with a dark red rose. So let us understand the color of roses that will help you make the right choice when choosing a flower or a bouquet of flowers.

Roses are one of the most popular and well-recognized flowers in the world.  Most people end up buying roses for any occasion. To better understand the beauty of this enchanting and lovely flower, you need to understand what is the meaning of each color.

What do different color roses symbolize?

Red Rose: Master florists all over the world will start singing the song of love as soon as you mention the red rose. It is the universal symbol of love and has been well known to reflect beauty and perfection. When someone hands you a red rose, be assured that the person has a deep kind of love for you that could be romantic or desire.

Especially red roses like in the New Love Bouquet in the 800Flower collection are flowers that are known to signify love for someone. Each petal in a red rose is represents a deep, intense feeling of love.  To summarize, the meaning of the red rose color is sincere love, courage, passion and respect.

Within red roses also there are a variety of colors. Deep or dark red roses showcase unconscious beauty while light single roses most often say the words, “I Love You”.

Yellow Rose: Yellow is a color that has always been associated with cheerful, uplifting and joy. This is also in the case of yellow roses as they are meant to signify friendship and well-being. This is the perfect rose to give to your friends or to make someone’s day brighter.

Associated with the color of the sun, this is one of the most platonic ways to show someone you care about them, without any romantic implications. However, if you are friends at the moment with the person and are developing slight romantic feelings for them, be careful which color you choose! This is good way to see how to proceed. If you don’t want to take a chance and give a yellow rose, you may be sending mixed signals!  A good example is the 24 Yellow Roses.

Pink Rose: Turn your gaze to the pink rose and you feel the charm and simplicity of this flower. It indicates a gentleness and sweetness that could be given to someone to show how much you adore them as a person. They are the perfect non-romantic yet totally adorable way to make someone blush.

Pink rose meaning can indicate Perfect happiness, Please believe me and Thank you. A dark pink rose indicates gratitude and appreciation. A light pink rose on the other hand indicates sympathy, grace and joy. The 24 Pink Roses in the 800Flower collection is the perfect gift to give someone to show them how much you appreciate them as it is a bouquet of light pink roses.

White Rose: White has always been known as the color of purity and innocence.  Most often you can see white roses being used at a wedding as it also indicates new beginnings and simplicity.

You may also tell the person that you are indeed worthy of them with a bouquet of white roses.  A bouquet of white rose meaning can also extend to indicate a heavenly connotation as white shows divinity and shows something higher than all of us.

Orange Rose: Once you have got the romance started with a red rose, keep the enthusiasm and passion going by gifting them a bouquet of orange roses.  It can also show a fascination and desire for the other person so your partner will know that you are deeply involved in the relationship and are on the serious path.  Keep him/her interested with these orange delightful roses. Our Bouquet of Citrus Smiles is a perfect example.

Peach Rose: If you are looking to tell that family member or friend how much you appreciate their presence in your life, then you should hand them a peach rose. A bouquet of these roses is the best way to say “Thank you for being in my life” and makes the other person as loved and special as these flowers.

For instance, in the 800flower standard collection, you can opt for the Orange Passion bouquet that is a combination of peach and orange roses and is the perfect way to appreciate and show gratitude for any important person in your life. It is the best way to show the perfect connotation of peach roses meaning.

Lavender Rose: When you truly appreciate the beauty of a lavender rose, you will understand that this majestic flower is meant to signify enchantment. If that girl with the spark in her eyes makes your heart go aflutter, then a lavender rose is the way to go. It is the perfect way to speak without words and says, “Love at first sight”.

Green Rose: Green roses are very much real and are probably one of the oldest roses to be found in nature along with wild and single roses.  They have been around since the 18th century and are green in color because they don’t have petals unlike other roses.

These green roses are generally meant to aid in pollination and are thus signs of life and constant rejuvenation of one’s spirit. A green rose is a sign of cheer and prosperity and shows great hope for the future.

Cream Rose: If you are given a bouquet of cream roses, someone finds you extremely charming.  It could also be a sign of thoughtfulness and is often paired with a pink rose to say “Thank you” to someone close to you.

Black Rose: The black rose as such does not exist in nature and most people dye the rose black to give it the desired effect. It was rumored that these black roses could be found in Turkey but this is not true. A darker variant of the red rose can be found in Turkey but it is nowhere near black.

Mostly black roses are a fictional creation to signify death or farewell.

Blue Rose: Blue roses are also not naturally found and are made blue with a pigmented color addition.  Generally blue roses imply something or someone that is unattainable or impossible. So, even though it is beautiful to look at, it may not have a very positive indication if someone gives you one.

Salmon Rose: Salmon rose is a slightly pinkish shade of an orange rose and can be created artificially. Gifting someone a salmon rose will show them that you desire them and thus they will know exactly how you feel.

Along with these different kinds of rose colors and their meanings, the number of roses meaning is also important. It is already obvious that if you give a person one red rose it means that you deeply admire and love them. But if you give them two red roses that are entwined together, it could mean that you want them to “Marry You”. So, different number of roses also has various connotations. Six roses, such as 6 Red Roses on, of any color mean that you want to be cherished or loved.  Gifting a person eleven roses shows that you truly love them and they are special to you.  If you are a recipient of thirteen roses mean someone likes you and is your secret admirer.

There are several rose collections of the 800Flower Signature collection that come bundled up in premium vases and is the perfect way to express your feelings. Where words fail, gift them a bouquet of exquisite roses.

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion, roses are the perfect way to go. Depending on the occasion and the person in question, you can pick out the rose color you want and the amount of roses you want to arrange so that you can get your message across. Bring that smile across someone’s face and it will be a bed of roses.

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