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Understand the language of flowers and their meaning

When expressing yourself and your feelings, words can sometimes fall short. That is when you turn to the beautiful language of flowers! For centuries, people have practiced the gesture of sending flowers Dubai to someone to convey their feelings and emotions. 

Each type of flower has its own special meaning or symbolism! So if you want to make sure that you convey exactly what you are feeling in a real heartfelt way, you should clearly understand the language of flowers before buying flowers Dubai.

In this blog post, we will explain what each flower stands for and what emotions it conveys. 

What is the meaning of different types of flowers?

  • Calla lily

Calla lilies are Luxury flowers that represent beauty, purity and holiness. Thus, white calla lilies are widely used during weddings. They are also used for funeral floral arrangements as they represent resurrection.

  • Carnation

Carnation is the flower of love and admiration. The meaning of the flower changes with its colour. While the red carnation symbolises admiration, the deep red carnation stands for deep love. White carnation stands for pure love.

  • Daisy

Daisy is the flower of positivity. It stands for joy, purity, innocence and cheerfulness. By gifting a bunch of daisies, you are telling the other person that they are cheerful and happy to be around. Daisies make perfect birthday flowers.

  • Hydrangea

Hydrangea stands for gratitude and grace. You can gift a bouquet of hydrangeas to someone to show your gratitude.

  • Rose

Rose is the flower of romance and makes the perfect love flowers. Gifting a bunch of roses is the best way to show your love to someone. Different colours of roses have different meanings. Red roses symbolise passionate love, pink for admiration and white for purity.

  • Orchid

Orchids are the flower of luxury and beauty. They can be gifted to someone to express your deepest admiration and appreciation. The meaning of various coloured orchids varies from culture to culture.


What does each colour of flowers represent?

Red: Red signifies passionate love, courage and respect. Thus, it makes a perfect gift for the person you love.

Pink: Pink stands for femininity, admiration and appreciation. A bouquet of pink flowers Dubai makes a perfect gift for your mother or a female friend.

White: White symbolises purity, innocence and humility. White flowers Dubai are the best New Baby Flowers you can gift new parents.

Yellow: Yellow is associated with joy, friendship and good health. A bunch of sunflowers or any other yellow flowers make a great gift for your dear friend.


Understanding the language of flowers while gifting to a dear one shows a whole new level of thoughtfulness on special occasions. Whether it’s all about romance, appreciating someone, or expressing your gratitude, has a whole lot of flowers to express your true feelings and emotions. is one of the best flower shop in Dubai that stocks up on a variety of flowers to convey your emotions. Being an online flower shop Dubai, also offers flower delivery Dubai service. Whether it is a festival, celebration, or any other occasion, 800flower is the best Flower shop near me, with a flower shop online facility for all your floral needs.


  • Which flower is the language of love?

The red rose is the language of love. The Red rose stands for deep love and passion and makes the perfect gift for someone you are deeply in love with. 

  • Which flower symbolises “I miss you?”

Sending lilies and orchids to someone is the best way to tell them you miss them.

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