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An in-depth guide to the various flower varieties that can be delivered in Dubai

A Guide To Different Types of Flowers Available for Delivery in Dubai

Dubai is home to a wide variety of beautiful flowers, perfect for brightening up any special occasion. From the fragrant Arabian jasmine and delicate roses to vibrant gerbera and orchids, you will come across different types of Flowers Available for Delivery in Dubai. 

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or simply to show you care, choosing and ordering the perfect bouquet has never been easier with so many Types of Flowers Available for Delivery in Dubai. Moreover, flower shops have efficient delivery services meeting the highest quality standards, which ensure that all types of Flowers Available for Delivery in Dubai reach their destination on time. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that your flowers will arrive on schedule and look their best.

Flowers from the Top Florists for Flower Delivery in Dubai

One of the most sought-after flowers from the Top Florists for Flower Delivery in Dubai is birthday flowers. You can gift any type of flowers for a birthday, depending on your choice and budget. 

Mixed flowers are the most sought-after birthday flowers. You get flowers as a combination of 

  • Roses and hydrangeas
  • Different varieties of roses, like spray roses and O'Hara roses.
  • Roses, hydrangeas and peonies.

Luxury flowers

Luxury flowers are exotic flowers from the Top Florists for Flower Delivery in Dubai. These flowers are used during important occasions like weddings or corporate events. A few of the luxury flower varieties include

  • Bouquet of roses
  • Bouquet of hydrangeas.
  • Vase arrangement with O'Hara roses, spray roses and delphiniums.
  • Basket arrangement with orchids and roses.

Love Flowers

As the name suggests, these are flowers from the Top Florists for Flower Delivery in Dubai that makes a perfect gift for someone special. Love flowers are mostly roses in red colour, though other flowers are also used. This category of flowers is available as bouquet and box arrangements. A few of the popular love flowers include

  • Bouquet of red roses in original, deluxe and grande sizes.
  • Bouquet of Apple jack roses.
  • Box arrangement of red roses.
  • Heart arrangement of roses.
  • Bouquet of mixed flowers.

The Benefits of Flower Delivery in Dubai from flower shops

If you are looking for fresh indoor plants, exquisite orchids or elegant bonsai in Dubai, then a flower delivery is the perfect solution. The Benefits of Flower Delivery in Dubai are many. Not only is ordering online a convenience factor, but it also guarantees access to a wide range of vibrant blooms. From roses to lilies and tulips, you can get flowers of any type and budget delivered to your doorstep when you order online. As such, the benefits of flower delivery in Dubai are endless.

Free delivery is another option provided by most online florists. If you place an order above a certain amount, the flowers will be delivered free to you. Besides, tracking the order in real-time and multiple payment options are other benefits of flower delivery in Dubai. It can also save you time having to search for flowers around town. With quality flowers that provide excellent value for money, there are plenty of reasons why flower delivery in Dubai makes perfect sense!


There are different varieties and styles of flowers available for delivery in Dubai. Most online florists have categorised them as luxury, love, and birthday flowers, making them easy to choose from. Besides, getting the flowers delivered from an online florist also makes your task easy, as flowers can be delivered at the click of a mouse. 

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