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Expert tips for caring for cut flowers

The most professional way to care for cut flowers

Cut flowers can greatly impact the overall ambience of any room. Using cut flowers is a great option to bring an instant vibe and happiness to your home. 

However, cut flowers may not last long if they are not properly cared for. Thus, you should know how to care for them professionally. You want them to stay vibrant for a long and, at the same time, retain their beauty and freshness most professionally. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how a flower shop near me cares for cut flowers so that they remain beautiful throughout their life cycle.

How to care for cut flowers?

  • Select the right container

The container you select for placing the Luxury flowers should complement the size and type of flowers. It would be best to go for tall vases for flowers with tall stems, like sunflowers. For short flowers, small rounded vases are the perfect choice. 

If you have a small vase but tall flowers, you should trim the stem so that it can easily fit into the vase. 

  • Cut the stem

The Flower shop near me always cuts the stem of the flowers two inches from the bottom. The cutting is done with sharp scissors at a 45-degree angle. This provides enough surface area for the water to seep in. It is best to cut the stems underwater to prevent air bubbles from forming. 

  • Right temperature water

Water needs to be at the right temperature to retain the beauty of flowers. Room-temperature water is enough to retain the freshness of love flowers. If the flower is bulbous, you can keep it in cold water. Filling only 3/4th of the container with water would be best so you can easily top it up later. 

  • Maintain the flowers

One way to ensure the longevity of New Baby Flowers is to maintain them well. If any leaves are submerged in water, remove them immediately, as they can rot and result in bacterial growth. Similarly, if the water gets dirty, remove them the same day. 

It is best to change the water daily to retain the freshness of birthday flowers. In addition, you should also keep the same type of flowers in one container instead of mixing them together. 

  • Provide flower food

One way a Flower shop near me retains the freshness of flowers is by providing flower food. Flower food is a mixture of sugar, acidifier and biocide. If you cannot purchase flower food, you can mix sugar, bleach and vinegar to create your own flower food.  


The best way to care for cut flowers is to treat them as living plants rather than display pieces. The best flower shop in Dubai places cut flowers in a neat and clean containers, providing fresh water and appropriate flower food. The online flower shop also ensures that the flowers do not get too much heat or cold. The flower shop online also regularly checks the flowers and promptly removes any dead foliage or petals that have fallen off.

If you are thinking of buying flowers Dubai for your near and dear ones, has a great range of bouquets to choose from. They also offer flower delivery Dubai service. Go ahead and place an order today and experience the beauty that their freshly picked flowers can bring into your home! 


    1. Is sugar effective in keeping the flowers fresh for long?

Yes, sugar makes flowers last longer by increasing the fresh weight of flowers. You can provide 2% sugar in the vase solution to keep the flowers fresh. 

     2. Does cut flowers require sunlight?

Since cut flowers are also cut away from live plants, they do not require sunlight. You should keep them in a moderate environment to prolong their life. 

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