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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Why are rose flowers the ideal gift for every occasion?

Why is the rose flower the best gift for any occasion?

When you think of gifting a flower to someone, the first thought that comes to your mind is the rose flower. One reason could be that the rose flower is abundant in the UAE. 

Rose plants can grow well in the tropical climate. It requires a lot of warmth for its healthy growth. Since the UAE is a tropical region with abundant sunlight, the rose flower grows well in this region. Besides, a rose can easily be paired with other flowers to create a stunning flower arrangement. 

Why do you send fresh roses online for various occasions?

Do you want to send fresh roses online to your dear one for their birthday or anniversary? Here are some reasons why a rose makes a perfect gift for all occasions. 

  • Beauty

Rose is one of the most beautiful luxury flowers you can ever buy. The myriads of colours in which they are available and their sweet fragrance make roses a favourite with all. Moreover, with proper care, rose flowers can remain fresh for weeks. All you have to do is dip the flower in freshwater with enough flower food for its healthy survival. 

  • Gift for everyone

You can send fresh roses online to anyone you want. Whether it is your lover, parents or boss, a rose bouquet makes a perfect gift. You can gift a bouquet of red roses as love flowers to your lover on Valentine’s day or a bouquet of pink roses to your mother on mother’s day. If you want to gift birthday flowers to your boss, a flower box with beautiful roses would be a perfect gift. 

  • Convey your emotion

Roses are the best flowers to convey your emotion. If you are hesitant to convey your true feelings to someone, you can send fresh roses online in the right colour to convey your true feeling. 

What does the rose flower symbolise?

Each variety and colour of rose flower has a different meaning. This makes the rose flower one of the best gifts, as you can give the flower in any colour depending on the emotion you want to convey. 

  • Red rose

Red is the colour of romance and passion. A bouquet of red roses makes a perfect gift to convey your true love. Depending on your budget, you can gift a red rose bouquet or a box arrangement. 

  • Pink rose                              

Pink is a feminine colour and represents grace and admiration. You can gift your female colleague or friend a bouquet of pink roses. It also makes a perfect gift for your mother on her birthday. 

A bouquet of pink rose flower with indoor plants like bonsai makes a perfect side table decor. 

  • Orange roses

Orange is the colour of gratitude and happiness. A bouquet of orange roses makes the perfect gift to thank someone for their good deed. Orange roses also make a perfect gift for a Thanksgiving celebration. 

  • White roses

White is the colour of purity and innocence. A bouquet of white roses makes a perfect newborn baby gift for new parents. A bouquet of rose flowers with orchids on the side makes a perfect side table arrangement. 

  • Yellow roses

Yellow is the colour of friendship. You can gift your dear friend a bouquet of yellow roses to show how much you value their friendship. 


Roses are one of the best gifts you can give anyone, irrespective of the occasion. The peculiarity of roses is that you can correctly convey your emotion by gifting a bouquet of roses. Besides, roses are also easy to procure in the UAE and hence are less expensive when compared to other flowers. 

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