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Ramadan Gift Guide: Top 10 Gift Ideas for your loved ones

The holy month of Ramadan is finally here. The month when sacred deeds and thoughts get precedence over everything else. This is the right time to show appreciation to family and friends for all the good things they have done for you.

Gifting is a part of Ramadan. Though money and clothes are the main items that are gifted within family members, certain other items that are exclusive to the Middle East world also makes up excellent gift.

  1. Desserts and sweets: Desserts and sweets are usually consumed during evening time after Iftar. Though these items are made in most of the houses, there are certain sweet items that are worth gifting. This includes chocolates, baklavas, basbousa and Kunafah,
  1. Customized Ramadan Cookies: Cookies in the shape of mosque and moon would make an ideal gift during Ramadan. It is the right choice to break your fast during Iftar.
  1. Prayer Rugs and Qurans: Ramadan is the time of prayer. Prayer rugs are widely used in all households during prayer time. Rugs made of soft velvet and cotton are the most popular ones.

    For your friend who is a frequent traveler, you can gift traveling prayer rug that can be conveniently folded and stored in a zipper pouch. Holy Quran gift box is another ideal gift for Ramadan. You can also gift a Quran stand along with the book to hold the Quran at a comfortable level.

  1. Oud Scents:: Oud scent is a favorite with most of the people mainly because of its rich and deep fragrance. For men, you can gift Al Haramain Hajar, Al Haramain musk, Haramain Badar or Al Kaaba.

    For women Noora by Swiss Arabian, Soft by Al Rehab, Empress by Nabeel and Choco Musk by Al Rehab would be the right choice.

  1. Ramadan Tent vouchers at a 5-star hotel: Ramadan gift vouchers are available for both Iftar and Sohour, and you can select one according to your budget.

    Cobone has a large number of Iftar and sohour vouchers. In addition to this, Sheraton Sharjah beach resort and spa, Kempinski hotel and Residences Palm Jumeirah and Grand Millennium Hotel, Dubai also has gift vouchers which you can gift your loved ones. You can experience typical Arabic culture and how the day-long fast is broken in these Ramadan feasts.

  1. Traditional female thobes or kaftans: Cloths are the most popular gifts during Ramadan. You can purchase thobes and kaftans from both online and offline stores. Designer thobes and Kaftans would make an ideal gift for the young generation who like experimenting with traditional wear.
  1. Allah pendent: These pendants are available for both men and women, and you can select the one according to your requirement. Available in both gold and silver, this would make an ideal gift for Ramadan.
  1. Fruits: If you have older adults at home then fruits, both dry and fresh ones, would make an ideal gift. For those with a sweet tooth, you can go for dry fruits that are dipped in chocolate from Godiva.
  1. Arabic coffee cups and coffee: The demand for coffee cups is high during Ramadan especially during Iftar time. You can purchase beautiful cups with Arabic calligraphy for your guest. You can also gift coffee from coffee Arabica bean to complement the cups.
  1. Flowers: Flowers would make an ideal choice for any occasion. You can buy freshly cut flowers from online or offline shops.

Gifting is a part of Ramadan. Figuring out what your host likes and purchasing the right gift is the key to everlasting love and bonding.

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