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March Birth Flower: Daffodil - Symbolism, Meaning, and Significance

All you need to know about March Birth Flower and its importance

Every month has its special flower – a birth flower, one which represents the corresponding month. March is associated with two remarkable flowers: The Daffodil and the Cherry blossom, both beautiful March birth flower. 

Both of these March Birth Flower has strong symbolism in their respective cultures, and they both carry deep connections to nature and renewal. In this blog post, we will explore all you need to know about the March Birth Flower and its importance. We will also explore the different types and colours that exist, as well as the unique meanings behind each bloom's history. 

What is March Pisces' birth flower and what does it symbolise? 

Pisces is the star sign for those born between February 19th and March 20th. People who are born in this star sign are characterised by sensitivity and empathy. Besides, they are also imaginative and artistically gifted. 

What is March Pisces' birth flower? Like every other star sign, Pisces also has a birth flower. But instead of one, this star sign has several flowers associated with it. 

  • Daffodil - Daffodil symbolises prosperity and good luck. It also stands for a new beginning. The blooming of daffodils in the spring stands for the birth of the compassionate spirit of the Piscean. People born in March usually come alive with renewed energy during this time of the year, just like daffodils.
  • Violet - Violets are purple-coloured flowers that symbolise gratefulness and modesty. The flower is soothing, just like the gentle nature of the Pisceans.
  • Orchid - Orchids stand for grace, femininity and fertility. While the white orchids represent innocence and purity, the pink orchid stands for love and femininity, which is typical of a Piscean.
  • Water lily - Water lilies stand for grace, divinity and beauty which is typical of a piscean. Besides, both water lily and pisces have a common element, ie water.

If you are Buying Flower Dubai to gift a Piscean, remember to include any of the above flowers in the bouquet. If, for any reason, you cannot gift Flower Dubai personally, you can always order Flower delivery Dubai.

If someone asks you What is March Pisces birth flower the answer is daffodil, though violet and orchid are also associated with this star sign.

Is March a daffodil or a cherry blossom?

Is March a daffodil or a cherry blossom? The answer is both. 

Cherry blossoms arrive at the beginning of the spring season. Thus, it stands for a new beginning. Though cherry blossoms are short-lived flowers, they are known for their beauty. The light pink shade of cherry blossom will surely capture the attention of all. Thus, they make beautiful Love Flowers.

Daffodils are yellow flowers that bloom during spring season. They symbolise a new beginning or rebirth. They are also considered a sign of hope and good fortune in few countries. Because of this, daffodils make great Birthday Flowers Dubai.

Since daffodils and cherry blossoms are delicate flowers, they are not widely used in flower bouquets. However, you can combine them with other Luxury Flowers to make excellent bouquets. Along with flower bouquets, you can also gift indoor plants like bonsai and potted flowers like orchids to someone close. 


To truly appreciate the March birth flower, you must know not only its appearance but also its meaning. Both daffodil and cherry blossom symbolizes new beginning ie spring season. Its delicate petals are thought to bring good luck and fortune in all matters related to health, relationships, and money. Gift these beautiful flowers to a piscean on their birthday and send them positive vibe. 

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