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To nurture a relationship and make your beloved feel special, flower bouquets play a special role. Gifting a flower bouquet shows how much you love and care for the other person. It is a way to express your genuine emotion towards someone. 

Besides gifting, flower bouquets are also widely used for decor purposes. Whether at home, office or any special event, having a bouquet of fresh flowers as part of the decor can provide a fresh look. 

Luxury Flowers for gifting and home decor

  • The Yasmin bouquet

The Yasmin bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

The Yasmin bouquet is a bunch of roses in vivid colours that provide a stunning look to it. The bouquet has premium roses in beautiful pastel shades like pink, purple and off-white. 

This bouquet makes a great gift for someone really close. It also makes a great centre table decor.

  • Rustic bloom in vase

Rustic bloom in vase - 800 Flower Dubai

The rustic bloom in vase is designed as beautiful table decor. The bouquet comes with roses and other filler flowers in different colours that provide a stunning look. This summer vase arrangement can be paired with a beautiful sheer curtain for that ultimate look and feel. 

  • Island mocktail in white vase

Island mocktail in white vase - 800 Flower Dubai

This beautiful flower arrangement in orange, white and green will surely provide a new dimension to your interiors. The flower arrangement comes with gerbera, hydrangea and bright green leaves with filler flowers. The white vase adds to the beauty of the arrangement.

  • Exquisite blooms

Exquisite blooms - 800 Flower Dubai

The exquisite bloom is a beautiful flower arrangement of roses. The arrangement comes with off-white, pink and peach roses with beautiful filler flowers and leaves. The beauty of the arrangement lies in the rounded white vase that provides a unique look to it. 

The exquisite blooms flower arrangement makes a great side table decor.

  • Miami vibes in vase

Miami vibes in vase - 800 Flower Dubai

The Miami vibes is a vibrant flower arrangement with roses, orchids and other filler flowers. Dyed leaves and flowers are also used to add to the beauty of the arrangement. All flowers are neatly arranged in a rounded white vase, thus making it an ideal side table decor. 

  • Luxury Fuchsia bouquet

Luxury Fuchsia bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

The Fuchsia shade's beauty makes the luxury fuchsia bouquet stand out. This beautiful bouquet has pink and cream roses in different sizes, making it a perfect gift for your lady love. The Mother of Pearl rose, and Julieta Raspberry Spray rose makes this a stunning piece. You can also arrange this bouquet as a centre table decor.   

  • Maryam gold vase arrangement

This is a rounded arrangement of flowers and comes with cream and pink roses and other filler flowers and foliages. Blue flowers are also added in between to add to the beauty of the arrangement. The highlight of this vase arrangement is the golden-coloured vase that provides a rich look to it. If you want an aristocratic look to your home decor, this flower arrangement with a golden vase would be a great choice.  

  • Julieta raspberry delight in vase

Bright pink and green with shades of off-white makes the Julieta raspberry delight a wonderful flower arrangement. The flower arrangement comes with pink and off-white roses and pink hydrangeas with beautiful filler flowers. The bright green color of the foliage strikes a contrast to the pink shade of the flowers. 


Buying luxury flowers is not very difficult in Dubai as several shops offer cake and flower delivery in Dubai. These shops even offer express and same-day flower delivery Dubai. Apart from luxury flowers, they also offer affordable flower delivery Dubai. Thus, whatever type of flower you are looking for, you can get it from online flower delivery shops in Dubai

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