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Fresh Flower Finds: Weekly Specials from Your Local Flower Shop

Weekly Flower Deals From a Flower Shop Near Me For Your Floral Needs

Are you looking for fresh flowers to bring colour into your home? Look no further than this week's flower deals from the flower Shop near me! Whether you're searching for something special for a loved one or need an instant pick-me-up, this week's selection of unbeatable floral arrangements from the flower shop near me will brighten up any day. From vibrant blooms to exotic foliage, something beautiful and unique is just waiting for you. Read on to discover the best weekly flower deals from the flower shop near me!

Which are the best deals from the fresh flower shop near me?

  • Astrantia star of love - The Astrantia bouquet from the fresh flower shop near me comes with pin-cushion-shaped small white flowers with magenta-purple tips, thus making the whole bunch look like a bouquet of magenta flowers. The Astrantia star of love has long stems and would look best in tall vases.
  • Forsythia branches - Forsythias are yellow four-petal flowers joined together at the base. The flower has a pair of small leaves at the base. The twigs are visible, thus providing a raw look to the branches. The forsythia branches look best if you want a natural look to your decor.
  • Exotic mix bunch - This mixed bouquet has Astrantia flowers, filler flowers and bright green foliage that provides a stunning look to the arrangement. You can place this bunch of luxury flowers on the side table to provide a new dimension to your interior.
  • 10 sunflowers - If you want to provide a summer feel to your interiors, this bright bouquet of 10 sunflowers will make a perfect choice. You can place it on the living room's side table or as a centrepiece on the dining table and provide a stunning look to your interior. You can also gift this bouquet as birthday flowers.
  • 10 Trachelium jade green - Trachelium jade greens are beautiful filler flowers from a fresh flower shop near me that provides a stunning look to any bouquet. You can use this bunch with a DIY bouquet or as a side table decor piece. Whichever way you use it, this bunch of greens will surely capture the attention of all.
  • 10 blue eryngium - Eryngiums, or flat sea hollies, are small flowers with conical flower heads with spiky leaves. These flowers are native to Central and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia. This bunch of 10 blue eryngiums make excellent side table decor.
  • Mix delphiniums - This is a beautiful combination of blue and white delphiniums in a tall grey vase. If you have a foyer area in your home, this beautiful flower arrangement will look like a stunning decor piece.
  • 10 red premium roses - This is a beautiful bouquet of love flowers from a fresh flower shop near me. Being a symbol of love, this stunning bouquet would make a perfect gift for your lover.

What are the benefits of weekly flower deals from flower shop Dubai?

Shopping for flower deals at flower shop Dubai can provide great rewards to both flower lovers and regular shoppers alike. With weekly flower deals always on offer, buyers are sure to find the perfect bouquet or indoor plants of their choice. From lush orchids to intricate bonsais that require a bit more love and care, flower shop Dubai will never disappoint you. As an added bonus, flower deals from flower shop Dubai often contain exclusive discounts that may not be available elsewhere – making the purchase even more deserving.


Don't forget to stop by our shop this week to get our special deal on flowers! We have a beautiful selection of bouquets that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for something romantic, festive, or just because, we've got you covered. Our experienced florists will be happy to help you find the perfect arrangement. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and take advantage of our great deal today!

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