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Dubai Flowers: Pink October Celebration

Celebrate Pink October with Flowers Dubai

It’s October, the month of celebrations. The month is all about merry-making, from Oktoberfest in Germany to Diwali in India and Halloween celebrations worldwide. But one celebration that stands apart is the Pink October - which is more of a cause observed throughout the month rather than a celebration. 

What is Pink October?

Pink October is an annual campaign worldwide to create awareness about breast cancer. By observing pink October, an effort is made to educate all concerned about breast cancer and its consequences. People are made aware of the early signs and symptoms of the disease and how to identify them. 

The Pink October campaign was first started in the USA in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries Pharmaceuticals. They promoted mammography as a means to detect and prevent breast cancer early. A pink ribbon is associated with this campaign and is used as a symbol to support the cause. The colour pink was selected as it stands for femininity. 

There are different ways you can participate in the Pink October campaign. The first is to educate yourself on the topics of breast cancer. This will help you become more compassionate to others suffering from this condition. The second is to support others going through this bad phase by donating to charities and foundations dedicated to the cause. 

Pink flowers for Pink October

Pink flowers are given to breast cancer survivors for their courage and determination in fighting the disease. Here are some beautiful pink flowers Dubai that you can gift for this occasion

  • Hera bouquet

The Hera bouquet is a flower bouquet of pastel pink lilies that makes a perfect choice for Pink October. The bright green foliage in between adds to the bouquet's beauty. You can also gift this bouquet as birthday flowers for someone close. 

  • Ma Princess bouquet

This is a bouquet of luxury flowers with pink roses and Limonium. The pink colour of the bouquet makes it the right choice for Pink October. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from. 

  • Basket of love

To share your love this special month, the Basket of Love Flowers Dubai is a perfect choice. The basket has pastel pink and off-white roses and a heart-shaped topper to add to the beauty. The highlight of the arrangement is the cane basket tied with a beautiful pink satin ribbon. 

  • Pink bliss bouquet

The Pink Bliss bouquet has Julieta raspberry, white O’Hara roses, and pink hydrangeas for that beautiful touch. Off-white roses and foliage are also added to provide an elegant look to the bouquet. 

  • Grand pink hydrangea bouquet

This is a pastel pink bouquet with beautiful hydrangeas. The fluffy and bushy texture of the flowers Dubai adds to the charm of the bouquet. The grand pink hydrangea bouquet also makes a great birthday gift, along with balloons. 

  • Pinkylicious dried arrangement

This is a pink arrangement of dry flowers with a tall pink vase forming the base of the arrangement. The bouquet follows a monochromatic scheme with light, medium and dark pink dried flowers beautifully arranged. 

  • The Yasmin bouquet

The Yasmin bouquet is a bouquet of roses, with pink being the predominant colour. Besides pink, purple and off-white roses are also added to accentuate the bouquet's beauty. 

  • Pink emotions bouquet

A perfect combination of Miyabi roses and a bunch of pistachios make the Pink Emotions bouquet a unique piece. Bright foliage is also added in between to make the whole arrangement stand out. 

The Pink Emotions bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from. 

Celebrate Pink October the right way with beautiful flowers from

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