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Flowers To Give Your Companion During Best Friend Day

Friends are the family we choose. They make our life fun and enjoyable and take the stress off our day to day life. No wonder spending time with your best friends is a great stress buster. 

To appreciate their company and tell them how much you love and care for them, Best friend’s day is celebrated on June 8th. This is a day to catch up with friends and exchange your love and wonderful gifts. 

History of Best Friend’s Day

The concept of best friend’s day was first developed in the USA. In 1935, the US congress decided to celebrate the beautiful relationship of friendship. June is the summer season in most parts of the country, making it an apt time for some outdoor activities. Thus, June 8th was selected as Best friend’s day. From then on, most countries have started celebrating June 8th as best friend’s day. 

Social media has given an upsurge with the trending hashtag #nationalbestfriendsday. People post pictures with their best friends on social media, adding to the enthusiasm.  

Flowers For Best Friend’s Day

Like any other celebration, best friends day is also celebrated by exchanging gifts. Flowers occupy the topmost position as the most exchanged gift during this day. Here are some beautiful flowers to gift on best friend’s day. 

Sweet Melody Bouquet

This is a beautiful bouquet of roses, alstroemeria, and pittosporum ilan. A beautiful blend of pink, white and green makes this a beautiful gift for best friend's day. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes. It also comes with a standard message card to write messages. 

Orange Passion Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet is a combination of roses, spray roses and carnation. White, peach and orange combination of flowers make this bouquet a stunning creation. The beauty of the bouquet is accentuated by dark green foliages that strike a contrast to the beautiful shade of the flowers. 

Heaven's Paradise Bouquet

Pastel shades of roses and spray roses is what makes this bouquet a stunning piece. The Heaven's Paradise Bouquet has pastel pink, peach and white roses beautifully arranged amidst dark green foliages. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes and comes with a standard message card.


For a friend who is as sweet as a candy, the candylicious bouquet would be a great choice. This is a mixed coloured rose bouquet that comes with red, yellow, orange, purple and white roses. This bouquet is also available in original, deluxe and grande sizes from which you can select one. You can use the standard message card to write a personal message for your best friend. 

A Bunch of Red Roses

A bunch of red roses signifies love. But if your love is your best friend you can gift this beautiful bouquet. Stunningly elegant yet simple, this bouquet comes in original, deluxe and grande sizes. Bunch of eucalyptus are arranged in between the red roses to add to the beauty of the bouquet. 

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