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Here are 5 Gifting Ideas For Your Boss

Gifting your boss is a wonderful gesture. Whether it is for their birthday or to congratulate them for their achievement, gifting is a way to show your respect and appreciation for your boss.

If you spend a lot of money on the gift, your boss is likely to feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, spending less amount on the gift may not give you good quality goods. Thus, you should strike a balance while purchasing a gift for your boss.  

Here we share 5 interesting gifting ideas for your boss. 

Desktop phone charging station

A wireless charging station that can hold a mobile phone, iWatch and AirPods would be a great gift option for your boss. This helps to keep their workspace neat and well-organised. You can select a charging station that blends with the overall look of the workstation. 

Temperature controlled coffee mug

There are times when your boss moves from one meeting to the other, completely forgetting about that hot cup of coffee. A temperature controlled coffee mug helps set the right temperature throughout. Whenever your boss takes the sip, he is sure to get that hot cup. 

Desktop plants

For a boss who prefer going the green way, indoor plants make a great gift. While selecting the plant make sure that it can thrive even on low light. Lucky bamboo, succulents and pothos are a few varieties worth buying. 

Sweet box

For a boss with a sweet tooth, a sweet box makes a great gifting option. You can opt from chocolate with ganache filling or one with a dry fruit filling. Alternatively, you can also go for cookies or cakes in a variety of flavours. 

Scented candles

Scented candles can transform the look and feel of any workspace. You can go for refreshing scents like lemon, orange, or mint. You can also opt for desktop diffuser or a scented potpourri for a more classic look. 

Things to consider while gifting your boss

  • It is always advisable to gift as a group rather than giving individual gifts. This is particularly so if you are gifting something expensive. 
  • If you are gifting individually, do so privately. This way you do not cause embarassement to others. But if you and your boss are long-time friends there is no harm in gifting in front of others. 
  • Do not gift something that is way too expensive, unless it is a group gift. Your boss may find it difficult to reciprocate. 
  •  Never give cash as a gift to your boss. It looks like a last-minute decision to give something. Moreover, it gives an impression that you do not care much about your boss’s taste and preference. 
  • Do not substitute a gift with some experience like taking your boss out for lunch or movie. It is always better to give something useful which your boss would appreciate. 


Whether you gift your boss or not depends on the office environment. Some offices with a formal setup do not encourage gifting the boss. Whereas in offices with a less formal setup, you can gift your boss during festival and birthday. Whichever occasion you gift your boss, make sure that you give something worth treasuring. 

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