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Daisy – The Perfect Gift for an April Birthday

In UAE, the summer has slowly started peeping in. Though it is hot during day time, evenings are still pleasant thus reminding you that spring has not left completely. The cool evening breeze coupled together with the vibrant life around makes April a favorite for all. 

April Horoscope

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Aries and Taurus are the two-star signs of April. Those born from 1st to 20th April belong to Aries, and those from 21st till 30th belong to Taurus star sign.

Aries is the first zodiac sign and is symbolized by the Ram sign. The symbol consists of a Ram with two large curved horns. This symbol stands for the basic personality trait of the Aries, i.e. stubbornness. Just like a ram, the Aries is fierce and unstoppable. They have a special fire in them which will calm down only when the result is achieved.

Personality Traits of Aries

The personality traits that are found in Aries are

Risk taking: Aries are highly adventurous people who are ready to take any risk. They crave for that adrenaline rush and can go to any extent to get the feel.

Brave: Aries are very brave and courageous. They are fearless and are not afraid of anything.

Energetic: The energy in Aries can brighten up the place they are in. They are lively and hence is much loved by friends and family.

Stubborn: Just like the Ram that symbolizes them they are tough and stubborn. No one can stop them until their aim is achieved. Thus, it is tough to control them.

Insensitive: Aries an insensitive to other people’s feelings. They do not care what others might think or feel. Thus, they are highly arrogant individuals.

Impulsive: Aries are impulsive people and do not think about the consequences of their action. Decisions are taken in haste which can land them in trouble later on.

Less disciplined: Though Aries are very energetic, their energy is not channelized the proper manner. Having a sense of discipline will help them succeed in life.

April flower – Daisy

The birth flower for April is Daisy. Daisies are available in different colors depending on their varieties. Shasta daisy is pure white in color with a yellow colored center. They make good cut flowers. African daisies are available in white, yellow or orange. Gerbera daisies, the most popular type, are available in pink, cream, white, and yellow. The daisy has stalks that are 3-4 inches long.

Daisies are originally a European flower found mainly in Central and Northern part of Europe. Hence, they are also called English daisies. English daisies grow in the open field. Other varieties of daisies in varied colors are cultivated all around the world.

What does the Daisy Symbolize?

Being pure white in color, the daisy represents innocence and purity. It also stands for fertility and motherhood as well as a new beginning. Thus, a bouquet of daisy is commonly gifted to new mothers.

Facts About Daisies

  • The origin of daisies dates back almost 4000 years.
  • Daisies open during sunrise just before the day begins.
  • Egyptians used daisies to decorate their ceramic ware.
  • The crushed leaves of daisies can cure bruises.
  • Daisy leaves are edible and are used for making salads.

Types of Daisies

Though white is the predominant color of daisies, they are also available in various other colors and types. Here are a few varieties of daisies that are available.

  • Purple Coneflower: The purple coneflower is a type of daisy that comes with purple colored petals, and a yellowish-brown center that is in the shape of a cone. A peculiar feature of this variety of daisy is that the central portion consists of tiny little flowers. Thus, even after the petal fades and falls, the cone at the center stays as such with small.
    Related image
  • Gerber Daisies: Gerber daisies are those with bright colored petals and a dark shade in the center. They are very fragile and require proper care. Gerber daisies are widely used for making bouquets.
    Image result for Gerber Daisies
  • Shasta daisy: This type of daisy comes with many white petals and a yellow center. This is a hybrid variety of daisy that was created by Luther Burbank. They are widely used as cut flowers in bouquets.
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Caring for Daisies

  • Sunlight: Most varieties of daisies require full sunlight. Thus, it is best to plant them outdoor where direct sunlight is available.
  • Fertilizer: Daisies require only moderate fertilization. Overfertilization can damage the plant.
  • Water: The soil should be moist and well-drained. Thus, water the plant when you feel that the soil is dry.

Pretty and adorable with delicate petals, daisies are a pleasing sight to the eyes. Bouquets with daisy flowers have a special charm which is sure to bring a smile to the person being gifted.

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