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How do I pick the best vase for a flower bouquet?

How to choose the right vase for a bouquet of flowers?

Flowers are a treat to the eyes. They can refresh your mind and soul and provide a new look to your interiors. A bunch of beautiful flowers in a vase can take your interior decor to an entirely new level. 

Vases are available in different shapes and colors in the market. Most people purchase a vase based on their personal choice. But apart from personal preference, there are certain other things to consider while purchasing a vase. 

How to choose the right vase for a bouquet?

  • Bud vase 

Bud vases are small vases resembling a bud. Because of its small size, it can accommodate only 2-3 stems. The bud vase is ideal for small tables like bedside tables. You can also use an assortment of bud vases to decorate a table. 

The benefit of a bud vase is that you can use any type of flower in it. A few stems from a flower bouquet or a clipping from your yard would look good in a bud vase. If you want to use large flowers, trim the stem so that only the flower is visible on top of the vase. 

  • Short vase 

This type of vase will usually be four to six inches tall with a large opening. It is mostly round in shape. Depending on the opening size, you can fill flowers in the vase. 

A vase with a wide opening provides enough scope for creativity. You can tie a combination of flowers as a bunch and insert it in the vase. Alternatively, you can prepare a grid at the opening using clear floral tape and insert flowers. You should also add a few leaves in between to provide a classic look. 

  • Medium vase

A medium vase will usually be six to eight inches tall. The benefit of a medium vase is that it is more versatile. You can use flowers with both long and short stems in this vase. But make sure that you do not place heavy and large flowers like sunflowers as they can sometimes tip the vase. 

  • Tall vase

Tall vases are usually nine inches or more in height. To decorate such vases, you should go for flowers with long stems like sunflowers and gerberas. Even tall leaves and decorative branches or twigs would make a great addition to tall vases. 

Like in a medium vase, you should not place heavy flowers on a tall vase as they can tip and fall. 

  • Pattern vase

This can be a vase of any shape and height but with patterns. It is best to use single-colour flowers or only leaves for such vases. This helps highlight both the vase and the flowers. 

Pattern vase in unique shape would make a decor piece in itself and does not require any flowers per se. 

  • Hourglass vase

An Hourglass vase is in the shape of an hourglass with a broad bottom, narrow middle portion and flared mouth. The curvy look of the vase makes it an ideal choice for large blooms. You can place beautiful roses, peonies and hydrangeas in this vase. 

  • Mason jar vase

A mason jar is a cylindrical jar with a large opening on the mouth. The primary purpose of a mason jar is to preserve food. In addition, you can also use it to display flowers. You can use the mason jar as such or convert it into a DIY vase by adding colors or tying some ropes. 


Vases are available in different sizes and styles. Which vase to go for is your personal choice. But you should carefully select the flowers to go with the vase. The arrangement should be such that it should accentuate both the vase and the flowers. 

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