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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

The benefit of flowers for mental health

Buy Flowers From Flower Shop Near Me on World Mental Health Day

In today’s times, mental health is gaining a lot of importance. Gone are the days when mental health was considered a taboo subject. Today people are more aware of the importance of mental health and how it can shape their lives. With this in mind, World mental health day is observed by the World Health Organization to create awareness about mental health. 

World Mental Health Day falls on October 10th of every year. On this day, various programs are conducted to create awareness about mental health and mobilize resources to support the cause.  

Role of flowers in mental health

Apart from brightening your room, flowers play a significant role in ensuring sound mental health. Just as chocolates can boost your mood, a flower bouquet can uplift your spirit. 

Flowers have the power to chase away your anxiety and fear and create a sense of calmness. It makes you less depressed and agitated and creates a positive vibe. It can boost your energy and provide a sense of happiness. 

In the workplace, having a bouquet of flowers on the table can boost your creativity and imagination. It improves your mood and lets you concentrate on the work more effectively.

This is why bright and beautiful flowers and indoor plants like bonsai plants are recommended for interior decor in homes and offices. 

Beautiful flowers for your mental health

Flower Shop near me stocks up on various flowers to cater to the customer's needs. Florist Dubai recommends the below flower bouquets to ensure sound mental health. 

  • Penelope bouquet
  • The Penelope bouquet is a rose bouquet in a pastel pink shade. The bouquet has spray roses and large roses beautifully arranged with other filler flowers. Bright green foliage adds to the beauty of the bouquet. 

    The Penelope bouquet also makes a great happy birthday flowers bouquet for your dear friend. 

  • 12 orange roses
  • Orange is the colour of joy and warmth. As such, this simple bouquet of 12 orange roses makes a great choice to boost a person's morale. Gifting this bouquet shows the other person how much you care for them. 

  • Shining tulips bouquet
  • Another fabulous bouquet that flowershop near me offer is the shining tulips bouquet. The bouquet has beautiful yellow tulips arranged with filler flowers. The dark green hue of the leaves strikes a contrast to the yellow shade of the tulips, thus making the whole bouquet stand out. 

  • Vivid youth bouquet
  • The vivid youth bouquet is a vibrant bouquet with beautiful gypsum flowers. The bouquet has blue, pink, orange and yellow flowers that can create a positive vibe. 

  • Everyday delight
  • The everyday delight is a delight to look at with its assortment of flowers. The bouquet has an eclectic mix of roses, including spray and O'Hara roses. Pink hydrangeas also add to the beauty of the bouquet. Bright green foliage is arranged in between to accentuate the bouquet's beauty.

  • White purity vase arrangement
  • White is the colour of calm and peace. Gifting a white bouquet can create a sense of calmness in a person. The white purity vase arrangement with white hydrangea and roses is a great gift to calm down an anxious or stressed person. 

  • Selene bouquet
  • The Selene bouquet is an artistically crafted bouquet of roses. The arrangement comes with pink and white roses, small spray roses, and other filler flowers. Bright green foliage is added to provide a striking look to the bouquet. 


    In today's times, you can never undermine the importance of mental health. Daily stress and anxiety can take a toll on your mental health. Small gestures like gifting flowers from flower shop near me go a long way to ensure peace and calm in a person. 

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