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Flowers are a great way to brighten up any occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or any important festival, gifting flowers is a great way to share your joy. Besides, flowers are also used extensively for home decor. The peculiarity of flowers is that it brightens up the interiors and provide a new dimension to the decor. 

Shops in Dubai sells flower at different price ranges. Some exotic varieties can be expensive, and you cannot use them for all occasions. However, there are less expensive bliss flowers which you can purchase if you are tight on budget. 

Flowers under AED 299

  • Orange passion bouquet

Orange passion bouquet | 800 Flower Dubai

The orange passion bouquet follows a monochromatic colour scheme with orange as the base colour. The bouquet has beautiful orange roses, carnations and spray roses. Bright green foliage adds to the beauty of the bouquet. You can gift this bouquet as birthday flowers or an anniversary gift.

  • Philippa bouquet

Philippa bouquet | 800 Flower Dubai

Philippa bouquet is also a monochromatic bouquet with purple as the base colour. The bouquet comes with beautiful O’hara roses and white bombastic spray roses. The filler flowers and foliage add to the fullness of the bouquet. This beautiful bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes. 

  • Penelope bouquet

Penelope bouquet | 800 Flower Dubai

The beauty of pink is what makes the Penelope bouquet stand out. This is a rose bouquet with filler flowers and foliage for added beauty. You can gift this bouquet to a female colleague or friend. Alternatively, the Penelope bouquet also makes a great decor piece.

  • Lily bouquet

Lily bouquet | 800 Flower Dubai

The lily bouquet, symbolising purity and innocence, is an excellent gift for a wedding. You can also gift this bouquet to new parents at the birth of a baby. The white shade of the flowers strikes a contrast to the dark green foliage, thus adding to the bouquet's beauty. 

The lily bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes to choose from.

  • Vivid youth bouquet

Vivid youth bouquet | 800 Flower Dubai

Beautiful gypsum flowers in a variety of shades is what makes the vivid youth bouquet stand out. This bouquet is artfully arranged and makes a great centertable decor. You can also gift it to your dear friend as a birthday gift. 

  • Adoring heartfelt bouquet

Adoring heartfelt bouquet | 800 Flower Dubai

The adorning heartfelt bouquet is a pink bouquet with an array of spray roses and lisianthus. The dark and light shades of pink and the green shade of foliage make this bouquet a stunning piece. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes. 

The adoring heartfelt bouquet is ideal for home decor as it comes with a vase. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a white, black or grey vase. 

  • Candylicious

Candylicious | 800 Flower Dubai

A bunch of roses in different shades makes the candylicious standout. The bouquet has a mix of red, yellow, pink and peach roses neatly wrapped in a bouquet wrapper. The bouquet also comes with a free vase in white, black or grey shade.

  • 12 yellow roses 

12 yellow roses | 800 Flower Dubai

Yellow is the colour of friendship and joy. If you want to gift flowers to your dear friend on their birthday, the 12 yellow roses would be a perfect choice. The rose bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes, and you can select depending on your budget.  


Flowers were considered an expensive gift some time back. But it is not so anymore. It is one of the most beautiful and delicate gifts you can give anyone. The flower shop Dubai stocks up on exotic flowers sourced from farms worldwide. These flowers are available in different price ranges. Thus you can purchase one even if you are tight on budget. 

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