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How do I pick the best flowers for my wedding?

How to select the best Flower Company Dubai for your wedding?

Every aspect of a wedding is important. From the dress to decor and cuisine, you should pay attention to every minute detail. You should bring in the right mood to make your wedding full of excitement and celebration. Floral decoration plays a crucial part in this. Thus, selecting the right flower company Dubai is very important. 

Several flower shops in Dubai offer wedding decor services. While some cater mainly to the oriental wedding style, others specialise in the western style. Then, how will you select the best flower shop in Dubai?

How to select the best flower shop in Dubai?

How To Select The Best Flower Shop In Dubai | 800 Flower Dubai

  • Get recommendation

The best way to shortlist flower shops is to ask around. Ask your friends and colleagues who recently got married in Dubai for some recommendations. You can also check online resources about flower shops in Dubai that specialise in wedding decor. 

If you plan to work with an event management company for other services, you can check with them about flower shops. Most event management companies specialising in wedding events have tie-up with flower shops in Dubai. 

  • Check their portfolio

Once you have selected a few vendors, you can check their portfolios to learn more about their work. Go through different types of work to understand their style. If you want a more traditional decor style and the flower shop specialises in a modern style, there is no point opting for their service. 

When selecting a flower company Dubai, it is very important that both of you are on the same page. Otherwise, working together can become difficult. 

  • Check tagged photos online.

Most flower shop companies display their best work in their portfolio. Thus, you are less likely to get the true picture. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great sources for checking the portfolio online. You should look for pictures that are tagged by others. This provides you with a better idea of how the work really is. 

  • Read online reviews

Online reviews also play a key role in selecting the best flower company Dubai. If most of the reviews are good with a few negative ones, you can check with the flower company to know what went wrong. On the other hand, if the majority are negative reviews, then it provides a red signal. 

  • Budget

The flower shop that you select should be compatible with your budget. The overall budget of an event decor varies widely depending on the flower selection, availability, floral design and size of the venue. You should talk to the flower shop about your preference so that they can provide an estimate. 

  • Sustainability

Flowers create a lot of waste. If you care about sustainability, working with a flower company that deals mostly with locally grown flowers would be a good idea. You can check with them how the company disposes of flowers after the event and what materials they use for various designs. 

  • Other things to consider

In addition to the above, you should also discuss with the flower company your wedding date, venue and the number of guests you are expecting. This provides a clear picture of whether to go ahead with the company or not. If you have any other questions related to the flowers, their colour or the decor theme, you should discuss that as well before finalising. 


Everyone wants the best for their wedding. And it starts with selecting the right flower company Dubai. Selecting the right flower company ensures that all decor and arrangements are made on time without any confusion. This lets you enjoy and relax and have a stress-free wedding. 

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