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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Perfect Holiday Flowers for Decorating the Home

Beautiful December Season Flowers to Decorate your Home

December is the month of celebration. After the UAE national day celebration comes Christmas. For those interested in home decor, this is the time to decorate the home with the season's colours. December season flowers are widely used to decorate homes and provide a vibrant and fresh look. 

Any flowers easily available during December are considered December season flowers. While some of these December season flowers are used to decorate the interior, others beautify your garden with their vibrant colour and smell. 

Which are the December flowers Dubai you can grow in your garden?

Growing December flowers Dubai in your garden or balcony is the best way to beat the winter blues. The pleasant sight of these December flowers Dubai and their scintillating fragrance can provide a refreshed feel to your mind and soul. 


Here are some December flowers Dubai you can grow in your garden. 

  • Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a natural medicinal plant with yellow flowers. The flower has long, crumpled petals that are unique in shape and design. You cannot use Witch hazel as a cut flower. But they look beautiful in the tree with its yellow-coloured petals. 

  • Camelia 

Camelias are beautiful luxury flowers that you can grow both indoors and outdoors. They bloom in several colours, like pink, white and red. Camelia can be used in cut flower arrangements. You can also float it in water or display it in a beautiful vase or pitcher. 

  • Alyssum

Alyssums are tiny flowers that grow during the winter season. Though these flowers cannot be used as Love flowers or Birthday flowers, you can combine alyssum with other beautiful flowers like marigolds and petunias to create a stunning flower border. 


How to take care of December flowers during winter in Dubai?

Winter in Dubai may not be harsh as in Western countries. But still, you should take proper care to ensure that the plants thrive in cold weather. Here are some tips to take care of December flowers in Dubai.

  • Light

December flowers may not get enough light as the days are shorter. While this may not be an issue for outdoor plants, Indoor plants like Bonsai will face problems. To overcome this, you should rotate the pots once in a while so that all December flowers get enough light. If this is not possible, you can use LED lights to provide lighting to plants. 

  • Temperature

If the weather outside is too cold and dry, consider using a screen cover or a protector during the night. You should remove the protector during the day, so the flowers get enough light. In the case of indoor plants, keep them away from the heat source as they can dry out easily. You should ensure that the temperature inside the house is maintained at a constant level for the plants to survive. 

  • Watering

Unlike summertime, flowers require less water during winter. Thus, you should avoid overwatering at all costs. Overwatering can also cause fungal infection, especially in flowering plants like orchids. Thus, you should check the topsoil and ensure it is dry before giving it more water. 

  • Fertiliser

It is best to avoid fertilising during the cold winter as it can cause stress to the plant. If you are using fertiliser, follow the instructions provided in the pack. 



The best way to decorate your interior for any season is by using flowers. Seasonal flowers can add an authentic touch and make the decor look real. Using beautiful December flowers for decor, you can provide a refreshed and renewed look without spending much. 

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