Low Light Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Grow


One of the major concerns while growing indoor plants is lack of sunlight. In a city like Dubai where the majority of the people live in apartments, getting ample sunlight for the growth of indoor plants is very difficult. If your house is facing the North or if another apartment overshadows your home, then you may not get enough sunlight inside the house.

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All About Roses


The first flower that comes to your mind when you think of a flower bouquet is rose. In fact, a bouquet or a flower arrangement without roses is unimaginable for many. Such is the importance of roses that cultivators have now started growing roses of different colors and textures to cater to the ever-increasing demand for this beautiful flower.

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Top 10 Ways to Make a Birthday Special


You can make your birthday memorable and special by carefully selecting a good destination, inviting friends and family with whom you like to spend time, decorating the venue and arranging food and drink for all. You can make the day extra special by doing something which is close to your heart.

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Why do We Put Candles on a Birthday Cake?


Celebrating a birthday without a cake, birthday flowers and candles is unimaginable. The crux of a birthday celebration itself is cake cutting. The person who is celebrating the birthday is gifted with happy birthday flowers or other gifts. He/she then blows the candles and cut the cake. That is the normal tradition of birthday celebration.

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Have Allergies? Avoid these Flowers


Though, flowers are beautiful to look at and fill our mind with peace and relaxation it is not meant for all. There are few people who suffer from allergy by the presence of flowers. The allergy can range from a runny nose and cough to swollen and bluish skin under the eyes.

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How to take care for Your Indoor Plants in Winter


It is finally winter in Dubai. Though the winter in this region is not as harsh as the rest of the world, you should pay attention to your indoor plants as it require special care to survive.

The use of indoor heater and the resulting fall in humidity can affect the life of indoor plants. Moreover, most of the houses in the UAE do not get enough sunlight which is vital for the survival of plants. All this can result in the plants dying very fast.

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Celebrate Boxing Day with Flowers


Boxing Day is a celebration that originated in the United Kingdom (UK). This is the day immediately after Christmas when the employers would distribute money, food, and cloth to the employees in recognition for their work. In other countries of Europe like Hungary, Poland, and the Netherlands, the day is also celebrated as Second Christmas Day.

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800flower.ae is Proud to Honour the Martyr’s of UAE


UAE is a country that attaches great importance to the life and sacrifice of its Citizens. As such, the Marty’s Day or Commemoration Day is celebrated every year on 30th November to recognize the sacrifice of Emirati martyrs. On this occasion, the country remembers the Emiratis who have sacrificed their lives in the country or abroad while on duty in the civil, military or humanitarian service. This Day the whole nation pays tribute to the national heroes.

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