How to Care for Orchids?


Orchids are one of the most common beautiful flowers found in homes. The myriads of colors in which they are available, and the long-lasting nature of these flowers make it a favorite with many. Orchids are widely used in bouquets, flower arrangements and even for decoration purpose.

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Best Vases for Flowers


Flowers in myriads of colors, shapes, and textures are a pleasant sight to the eyes. A bouquet of beautiful flowers with its soothing smell wafting through the air is sure to fill your mind with joy and pleasure.

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Learn More About Bonsai


Bonsais have a special place in home décor. It is hard to imagine providing a green touch to your interior without a bonsai plant. Such is the importance of bonsai that flower shop Dubai stocks up on these tiny plants year-round. 

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Learn All About Tulip Care


Tulips are spring flowers that are native to Central Asia and Turkey. The word Tulip is derived from the Turkish word ‘tulbend,” which means turban. The tulips belong to the lily family and grow as small bulbs. The flowers are large and come with six petals.

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Vacation Plant Care Tips


In a city like Dubai, where expats form a significant part of the population, vacationing by homeowners is quite common. While some go for a week-long vacation, others go for months on end to escape the harsh summer months of Dubai.

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