The perfect gift for a May Birthday


The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” – Edwin Waye Teale

Yes, May is the season of spring; when the pretty flowers bloom, little birds chirp with joy and the yellow sunshine glee with delight.

The majority of the people who are born in May belongs to the star sign Taurus; though few are Gemini. Taurus is symbolized by the Bull; the mighty and powerful. Men who are born in this month are generally dark and masculine. They give value to their tradition and give importance to their personal life. Women are usually stylish and well-groomed and are socially active. They can maintain an excellent personal and professional balance and hence, in many cases, will be successful in life.

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Best selling Teddy Bears as Gifts

Buy Teddy Bear in Dubai as Gift

There are some days of the year when you want to make your partner feel special. A teddy bear comes as the right gift when you want to gift your wife or girlfriend on her birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day. It also makes up an excellent gift for your little sweetheart who calls you ‘dad’.

Teddy bears are the best gift to convey your feeling to the other person. By customizing teddy bears you are able to communicate the right feeling on your mind. It also has a humane touch which makes it all the more favorable.

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Best Selling Bonsai trees

Bonsai in Dubai

Flowers have occupied the center stage as the best gift you can give to a person. Irrespective of the age and gender of the person, you can gift a flower.

But have you ever thought of gifting a Bonsai tree? Bonsai tree also conveys the same feeling like a flower. But the only difference is that it is eternal. It does not wither off or die like a flower. It is a perfect symbol of the love, care, and consideration you have for the other person.

Bonsai is a Japanese art form of cultivating small trees in a container. Bonsai trees do not produce any fruits or flowers but are grown mainly for a spiritual or decorative purpose. Bonsai can be created from any tree with a woody stem or a shrub. A Bonsai tree is the best symbol of spirituality and artistic talent while connecting purely with nature.

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Best Selling Orchid Plants and Orchid Flowers


There is nothing more beautiful and natural like gifting a flower. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even for a get well soon wish, a bunch of flowers make up a perfect gift. Though various other gifting options are available for multiple occasions, flowers are the best way to convey your feelings.

The flowers that are most commonly used for gifting purpose are rose, tulips, Lisianthus, hydrangea and of course orchids. These flowers are not only bright and elegant, but they have a unique charm to it which other ordinary flowers may not have.

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Top 3 Most Influential Women in Politics to celebrate this Women’s Day


“Politics is a dirty game”! Many people would certainly agree with this statement. To achieve political power, individuals have to maneuver in ways that may raise questions about their character. However, it is still through politics that individuals ascend to power and change their societies. Many women around the globe have risen to positions of power and influence in the global arena. They have refused to stick to the stereotypes attached to women and are making positive changes as politicians in their societies.

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Top Gifts for Successful Women

International Women's Day Dubai Gifts

The International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated in a variety of ways across the globe and in Dubai. In some countries such as Armenia, Dubai, Russia, and China, March 8th is an official holiday. However, in most countries it is not. Most people across the globe celebrate the day by presenting their mothers, female friends, girlfriends, and wives with gifts. Here are some exciting gifts you should definitely consider for IWD.

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The meaning of International Women’s Day


On March 8th every year, millions of women and men across Dubai and the world come together to celebrate the IWD (International Women’s Day). But the day means so much more than just mere celebrations.

IWD is essentially about celebrating the cultural, economic, social and political achievements women have made over the years and continuing to demand for gender equality at work and in all other aspects of life. After all, what a man can do, a woman can do better!

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Top 3 Most Influential Women in Hollywood to celebrate in this year’s Women’s Day

There is the glamour, the flamboyance, and the fun side of Hollywood that everyone knows! And then there is the other side; the pressure and the cutthroat competition between film companies, directors, actors, and actresses. Everybody wants to rise to the top of the pyramid. With all this competition, most people assume that most women don’t make it to the top. That most women would rather avoid the competition. This is true! However, some women have made it to the very top of the Hollywood food chain.

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Best Balloons for Parties


Wherever there is a party, it is always likely that there will be balloons! Party balloons color up events in a way not many other decorations can do. This is except for fireworks of course! They (fireworks) literally light up celebrations but they do have safety issues in contrast to balloons. Balloons are literally the safest and most thrilling decoration you can have at any party. You can leave them in a room with your child and his or her friends without having to worry about a thing! The best balloons for parties are big, colorful, and made for specific occasions.

Here are some fun types of balloons you can use to bring instant joy to your party!

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What you really mean when you gift an Orchid


A birthday or anniversary is around the corner. And what better way to show your love for your dear one than providing a bunch of fresh flowers! Though there are a wide variety of gifts available in the market from chocolates to teddy bears, the beauty and charm of fresh flowers never fade away. Why? It’s simple: because the flower is symbolic of love – always attractive, cute, fascinating and strong.

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Did you know the meaning of a red rose?


Roses have traditionally been used since the beginning of time on special events and occasions as a personalized gift to convey love, romance and desire. There are different kinds of rose colors and not all of the rose colors imply a deep kind of love that is traditionally associated with a dark red rose. So let us understand the color of roses that will help you make the right choice when choosing a flower or a bouquet of flowers.

Roses are one of the most popular and well-recognized flowers in the world.  Most people end up buying roses for any occasion. To better understand the beauty of this enchanting and lovely flower, you need to understand what is the meaning of each color.

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DUBAI WIFE GETS 1000 roses in a Ferrari for Valentine’s Day


A loving husband surprised his car loving expat wife with a AED 1,000,000+ Ferrari 488 spider filled with over 1,000 roses on Valentine’s Day Alex Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, drives awesome supercars and blogs her experiences on social media in Dubai. On February 14, 2017, Supercar Blondie was surprised when her husband, Nik, gifted her a Ferrari filled with over 1,000 roses from

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The Real Meaning of Valentine’s Day


Do you remember Valentine’s Day in school? Chances are, if you attended classrooms with mixed setting, there was an exchange of Valentine’s day gifts among students, usually in the form of heart stickers. The girls were usually excited in anticipation, and the boys, often shy or unable to comprehend the occasion. Decoration in schools consisted of red hearts, love poems and cupids. In more conservative settings, the power of love too strong to stop the passing of notes among the mischievous. As kids got older, expectations grew. Now, red roses are the flower arrangement of choice, the perfect Valentine’s gift idea, as it symbolizes love. Nothing makes the expression of love more heart-felt then roses. Valentine’s Day is in fact, just that. The opportunity to express the interest of love in day where that special someone should hear it.

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House Warming Gift Ideas


A new family just moved into your neighborhood and you want to welcome them with an impressive housewarming gift? In this post we will discuss our favorite housewarming gifts that will create a great first impression and make the neighbors feel welcomed.

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Top Fresh Flowers for Fall


If you are a bride getting married this fall winter or a housewife who loves to spend her extra time designing the house, here is our list of top 5 flowers this season! You can always shop for these fresh beauties on or visit us at our shop in Dubai Marina and meet our flower experts!

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