Top 5 Best Birthday Cakes in Dubai


Cakes are synonymous with birthdays. It is hard to imagine a birthday celebration without cutting a cake. Such is the importance of birthday cakes that most of the cake shops in Dubai have a separate section just for birthday cakes.

If you are looking for birthday cake Dubai that is both unique and affordable here are a few options

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Introducing Apple Pay on


Entrepreneur in Dubai Blog Series

We are really excited to introduce Apple Pay, providing the best possible gift shopping experience for our 800Flower customers using Safari!

We decided to introduce Apple Pay on as we continue to drive innovation as a core part of our culture. Keeping your customer experience at the heart of our business, we wanted to provide an easy, secure and fast way to send flowers.

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Why Fruits are Better than Sugar


Most of the people, especially those with diabetes, pass off fruits as it contains sugar. But in reality, there is no need to completely avoid fruits as it provides enough nutrients to your body. In addition to this, the sugar contained in them is more natural and healthier.

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5 Decadent Flavors of Chocolate Cake


Chocolates are considered as an excellent gift item by many. In whichever form it comes; whether as cake, cookies or bar; it is savory and delectable. This is the main reason why chocolate cakes form a significant part of a birthday, anniversary and even wedding celebration.

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Back to School Gifts for Teachers


It is back to school time in Dubai UAE. It is time for new clothes, bags, books, and shoes for the school goers. When kids are busy preparing for the forthcoming year, they completely forget about the teachers who spend a lot of their precious time with the students.

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