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Why Should You Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Of the various world records that Dubai is famous for, the one that stands out and makes the Dubai residents extremely proud and honored is the largest floral installation. This largest floral installation is located nowhere else other than the world-famous Dubai Miracle Garden. 

Located in Dubailand, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a wonder land of flowers with more than 50 million flowers of different colors and varieties. These flowers are arranged in different shapes and patterns thus creating a stunning view. Few are even arranged in beautiful installations, thus making it a sight to behold.

The Story of Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai miracle garden was opened on Valentine’s day in 2013 with the aim to spread love and harmony among people. It spans across 72,000 square meters and is one of the largest natural flower gardens in the world with more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants from all over the world.

As the name implies, the Dubai Miracle garden is a miracle in itself as it is located in an area where the survival of plants and flowers are next to impossible.

This Dubai flower garden opens only from mid-November to mid-May coinciding with the winter and spring season of Dubai. The specialty of this flower garden is that it appeals to both young and old, thus making it one of the best tourist destinations of Dubai.

Facts About Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Every season the garden displays new themes and structures to attract visitors.
  • There are around 120 varieties of flowers in the Dubai Miracle garden the major ones being Petunias, Geraniums, Marigolds, and sunflowers. Most varieties of flowers are tested before they are actually planted in the garden.
  • Petunias act as the building block of the garden and almost all structures have petunias used in them.
  • The heart’s passage is the most popular and most photographed flower theme of the garden.

Why Should You Visit the Flower Garden?

There are various reasons why you should visit this Dubai garden.

  • The Dubai Miracle Garden is purely an outdoor venue, and since it opens only during winter, the visitors get to enjoy the wonderful winter climate of Dubai.
  • The garden consists of vertical and horizontal flower arrangements comprising of a few of the exotic flowers from around the world.
  • The visitors can witness the largest flower installation of the world through a life-size version of Emirates A380.
  • There are various outdoor entertainment options available thus making it appealing for both kids and adults.
  • The garden has weekly shows and parades that make your visit more entertaining.
  • This flower garden also has shops, cafes, and restaurants which makes it the right place to spend a full day outdoors with friends and family.

Few Interesting Attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Emirates A380: This is the largest floral installation of the world done aboard Emirates A380. This installation consists of more than 5 lakh fresh flowers and plants and is the largest floral installation of the world.
  • Floral Clock: Designed by Miracle Garden Landscaping company, the floral clock is a fifteen-meter clock that consists of fresh flowers and plants from all over the world. The peculiarity of the clock is that its design varies according to the season.

Flower Clock | 800 Flower Dubai

  • Floral Castle: These are castle shaped installations that are decorated with flowers of different colors and varieties. The floral castle creates an illusion of a fairyland with floral towers, floral roofs, and floral fencing.
  • Mickey Mouse: In collaboration with the Walt Disney Company, the Dubai Miracle Garden has come up with an 18-meter-high Mickey Mouse floral structure which is Disney’s first floral character display in the Middle East. This structure won the record for largest Topiary Structure of the world.

Mickey Mouse | 800 Flower Dubai

Entertainment Avenues in Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Amphitheater: This is a large floral auditorium that acts as a center stage for various entertainment activities, events, and shows. Various live theatrical events and celebrity visits are also conducted in this amphitheater.
  • Trampoline Park: The Dubai Miracle Garden has a custom mix of 12 trampolines to keep the whole family entertained. If long walks around the park do not fascinate your kids, then you can leave them at the trampoline park with in-house staff taking care of them.
  • Restaurants: The various restaurants in the garden serves both local and international cuisine. Whether you want Asian, Arabic or European cuisine, you are sure to find that at the various restaurants in the garden.
  • Kiosks: Various kiosks are present at different parts of the garden from where you can grab some quick bites while taking a stroll. Whether it is ice-cream, cooler or snacks you are sure to find it in these kiosks.

In addition to the above, various other entertainment options like 3D mapping, parades and live musical shows and Zumba are also planned for the coming season.

Planning your Trip

The Dubai Miracle Garden opens only during winter and spring season to protect the plants and flowers from the harsh Dubai summer season. It is best to check the website for opening and closing dates before planning your trip.

The garden offers state of the art facilities to make your visit both enjoyable and comfortable. The park has a vast open parking area with VIP parking facility. Other facilities offered in the garden includes sitting area, prayer room, toilet facility, security room, and first aid room. Wheelchair facilities are also available for disabled visitors.

Tickets for entry can be purchased from the counter and is valid for a single entry. The park also offers group tour options for students. Professional photo shoots can be taken after getting prior approval of authorities.

Whether you are an adult looking to have a relaxing weekend or a child who is looking for some exciting outdoor time, you are sure to get the same in Dubai Miracle Garden. Since the miracle garden is vast and take hours to explore, plan your day well and go prepared to spend some wonderful time amidst nature and flowers.

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