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What Are The Key Themes Of Expo 2020?

The much-awaited Expo 2020 has finally opened its doors in Dubai. Participants from 192 countries exhibit their ideas and innovations in this global platform. The expo provides an opportunity for participating countries to learn about the technological and economic progress in each of the countries and how they can work together towards a common cause.

Of late, sustainability has become a common focus for countries in world expos. Based on this, Expo 2020 has come up with the key theme – ‘Connecting minds, Creating the Future.’ Through this theme, the participating countries aim to develop a sustainable solution for all the problems faced by the world. 

What Are The Sub Themes of Expo 2020?

With the aim to connect the mind and create the future, the Expo has come up with three sub-themes – Opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. The entire expo site is divided into different districts based on the above sub-theme. 


The concept of opportunity stresses financial capital as a means to support growth. It also stresses partnership as a driving force for employment and innovation. This theme tends to unlock the potential of communities and individuals in shaping the world’s future. 

In the opportunity district, visitors get to meet agents of change who transform their dreams and aspirations into tomorrow’s reality. This provides an opportunity to unlock the potential within you and shape the future. 

The main pavilions in the opportunity district are UAE, India, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. 


The mobility theme stresses the physical movement of individuals, the distribution of goods and services, and connecting virtually through information technology. Innovative mobility devices, future vehicles, and the latest development in space exploration are the key features of this theme. 

The main pavilions in the mobility district are Russia, the Republic of Korea, Australia, France, Finland, and Oman.  


The concept of sustainability has been incorporated in every aspect of planning and executing the expo. For generating clean energy, the expo has installed a renewable energy system on all permanent buildings in the expo site. For promoting natural solutions, the expo has set a target that 95% of the landscape area should be managed without chemicals and pesticides. 

To minimise the carbon footprint, the expo management authority has carefully reviewed the construction material and ensured that the transportation of people and material is done with minimum impact on the environment. 

What Are The Theme Weeks In Expo?

Based on the above theme, theme weeks are held running throughout the six months of the expo. Each of the theme weeks explores the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by the world through conversations and questions. 

The Main theme weeks are

  • Climate and biodiversity
  • Space
  • Urban and rural development. 
  • Tolerance and inclusivity.
  • Knowledge and learning. 
  • Travel and connectivity. 
  • Global goals.
  • Health and wellness. 
  • Food, agriculture, and livelihood. 
  • Water

Through the sub-themes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, Expo 2020 aims to inspire people to find a solution to global problems and challenges through a sustainable approach. 

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