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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

With Unique Flower Bouquets from 800 Flower, Greet Your Neighbors

Welcome your neighbours with special flower arrangements from 800 Flower

A friendly and helpful neighbour is always a blessing. They should be easily approachable so you can count on them in an emergency. Thus, nurturing a good relationship with the neighbours is very important. 

When new neighbours move into your locality, you must welcome them and make them comfortable in the new surroundings. This can nurture a long-lasting friendly relationship. Meeting the new neighbour with a sweet smile and a beautiful bouquet in hand can create a good and positive impression.

Why should you gift flowers to neighbours?


  • Flowers make the right gift.


Being new to your locality, you may not know the likes and dislikes of your neighbour. If you gift a box of chocolate and they do not relish the same, your whole effort will go in vain. But a flower bouquet will always be acceptable because of its fresh and beautiful look. 


  • Flowers bring happiness.


Flowers are synonymous with happiness. The bright hue, delicate petals and sweet fragrance of flowers are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Gifting a bouquet of flowers allows you to share your happiness with your neighbour. 


  • Flowers encourage intimate connection.


Gifting flowers to your neighbour can develop a close bond with them. You can convey your emotion the right way by gifting a flower bouquet. Moreover, gifting a bunch of beautiful flowers show that you have taken the time and effort to get it. All this can develop a close bond with the neighbour. 


  • Flowers are convenient to procure


Same-day delivery of flowers from online shops ensures that you get the flowers within a few hours of placing the order. Thus, if you make a last-minute decision to visit your neighbour, you can get the flowers on time. 

Best flowers to welcome neighbours


  • Kahala delight


This is a bouquet of Kahala roses in an orange shade. The dark green leaves and green bouquet wrapper add to the bouquet's beauty. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to select from. 


  • Shining tulips bouquet


This is a bouquet of bright yellow tulips along with yellow filler flowers. The bright green cut leaf philodendron contrasts the tulips' yellow shade and adds to its beauty. Since yellow is the colour of joy, the Shining tulips bouquet makes a great welcome gift for a new neighbour. 


  • White purity vase arrangement


White is the colour of purity and innocence. The white purity vase arrangement makes a perfect gift for a fresh start. White roses, hydrangeas and filler flowers are beautifully arranged in a white vase along with bright green foliage. This vase arrangement makes a great side table decor. 


  • Sunflower bouquet


This beautiful bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers is a treat to the eyes. A bunch of sunflowers is wrapped in a brown bouquet wrapper that accentuates the beauty of the whole arrangement. This sunflower bouquet makes a great side table decor. 


  • Island mocktail in white


This is a beautiful flower arrangement with orange gerberas and white hydrangeas. Beautiful filler flowers and bright green cut leaf philodendrons are used to beautify the arrangement. The arrangement is made in a tall white vase that adds to its beauty. 


  • The magnificent box


If you are looking for a luxury flower arrangement to gift your neighbour, the magnificent box is a perfect choice. This beautiful flower arrangement comes with peach-coloured Kahala roses and eucalyptus beautifully arranged in a black box. 


Welcoming your neighbours with a bunch of flowers creates a positive vibe that can later translate into a beautiful relationship. Get vibrant and beautiful flowers from an online flower shop and build a healthy relationship with your neighbours.

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