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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Through 800 Flower, you may send someone special flowers in Dubai.

Send flowers Dubai to a special person through 800 Flower

Whatever the occasion is, whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary or some important festival, flowers Dubai makes the perfect gift. The main reason is that flowers create a positive vibe and add a touch of beauty to the indoors. 

The Florist near me offers different varieties of flowers in different price ranges. From simple roses to exotic flowers sourced from flower farms, you get a wide variety from Florist near me. Those new to online shopping may need a clearer idea about sending flowers online through Florist near me. 

Read on to learn more about online flower delivery and how to proceed with it. 


How to send flowers Dubai through online sites selling flowers?

Online flower shops are the best choice if you are short of time and want to send flowers Dubai. You can select a wide variety of flowers in different price ranges from the comfort of your home or office. You can then send flowers Dubai to any corner of the city at a specified time and date. 


Below are the steps to follow to send flowers Dubai.

  • Sign up on the website

You should first sign up to the online site with your personal details. This lets you easily place the order and track the delivery and payment. Remember to provide the correct address and phone number to track the order. 


  • Choose the flowers

Once you have signed up, you can choose the flowers of your choice. Most online stores list the flowers category-wise. Thus, you can easily select the flowers from the category you want, ie Birthday flowers, Luxury flowers or Love Flowers. You can even get the flowers customised as per your choice. Once done, you should add it to the shopping cart and select the delivery date and time. 

  • Make the payment 

There are different options to make payments while shopping online. You can either opt to pay by cash or through any of the digital payment options available. Credit cards, Apple Pay and Paypal are a few popular payment options. Once the payment is made, you will receive your  order number and delivery details. 


How to ensure flowers Dubai same-day delivery in Dubai city?  

The peculiarity of online flower shops is they offer Flowers Dubai same-day delivery. This ensures that you get to deliver flowers the same day you place the order. Whether you want to send indoor plants like bonsai or exotic flowers like orchids, it is now possible with Flowers Dubai same-day delivery.


To ensure Flowers Dubai same-day delivery, you must place the order at the right time. It would be best to place all orders before 7 pm so that the order can be delivered on the same day. To place an order for same-day delivery of flowers, mention the same at the time of checkout. We will then deliver the order within three hours of placing the order. 


The same-day delivery facility comes as a boon for those who place last-minute orders for flowers. Now you need not miss out on any important days or events, thanks to same-day delivery of flowers. 


Gone are the days when you visited flower shops to purchase flowers for that special person. Now you can place orders for fresh and exotic flowers from the comfort of your home or office. The flowers will be delivered fresh within a few hours of placing the order. 


To place order for same-day delivery of flowers visit our online flower shop. 

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