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Dubai Mall Fashion Week: Your Complete Guide!

Everything you need to know about the Dubai Mall Fashion Week

The Dubai Mall Fashion Week is the hottest event in town that brings an exclusive line-up of international designers to the city. From high-end couture wear to trendy streetwear, there is something for every taste in The Dubai Mall Fashion Week.

Organised by the Arab Fashion Council and Dubai Design District, The Dubai Mall Fashion Week is an event that facilitates new business opportunities between brands, buyers and talents in this field. 

As we approach this star-studded affair, check out what Dubai has done to ensure a successful event – from venue organisation to styling seminars and more! Whether you're planning on attending as part of the crowds or curious about what goes behind making such a large-scale event happen – get ready for some fun insights into one of the most talked-about events in town!

What is Dubai Fashion week 2023, and what are its major attractions?

The Dubai Fashion week is founded jointly by the Dubai Design District and Arab Fashion Council with the sole objective of promoting Dubai as the fashion capital of the world. The fashion week is planned alongside the international fashion week hosted in Newyork, Milan and Paris. 

The official calendar of the Dubai Fashion week has three editions. The first edition, from March 10th - 15th, features women’s, men’s and coed fashion. The second edition, from the 6th to the 8th of June, focuses on men’s fashion, and the third edition, from the 10th-15th October, focuses on women’s fashion. 

Dubai Fashion week provides a platform for designers from all over the world to exhibit their creations. Likewise, models also get an opportunity to showcase their talent during this fashion week. If you have any favourite models in the fashion world, this is the time to meet them with beautiful Flower Dubai. If  Buying Flower Dubai is not on your agenda, you can even order Flower delivery Dubai at the venue and gift it to your favourite model. 

What is the history of Arab Fashion Week every fashionista must know?

Arab Fashion Week was started in 2015 with the aim of making the Arab world the fashion capital of the world. The first fashion week was held in Dubai, followed by Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, hosting the week in 2018. During Covid times, Arab Fashion week went digital with a partnership from Meta. 

In 2021, men’s fashion week was held digitally as part of Arab Fashion Week. Now Arab fashion week has acquired the new name of Dubai fashion week and will be held from 10th to 15th March. 

If you or your partner is into fashion, Dubai fashion week is worth exploring. Since attendance at the fashion week is restricted to designers, buyers and media, the only way to get a glimpse of the event is through live streaming. Set the right ambience while live streaming the event with the right Birthday Flowers Dubai, Love Flowers or Luxury Flowers. You can even use potted flowers like orchids or indoor plants like bonsai, along with beautifully scented candles to create the right ambience for the show.  


If you're a fan of world-class events in Dubai, then you won't want to miss the Famous World Art Dubai 2023. We recently covered all the essential details about this event in our previous blog, 'All You Need To Know About The Famous World Art Dubai 2023.' And while the world of art is one of luxury and innovation, the Dubai fashion week is equally remarkable, with some of the most talented designers and models showcasing their collections and talent.

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