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Deliver flowers and cakes to your best friend's birthday in Dubai

Celebrate Best Friend's Birthday with Flowers and Cakes Delivery in Dubai

Birthdays are always a joyous occasion. Whether it is your best friend’s, spouse’s or sibling’s birthday, celebrating the same is the best way to share your joy on this occasion. 

There are different ways you can celebrate your best friend's birthday. You can host a birthday bash, watch a movie, dine out, or head to a theme park. Whichever way you celebrate, gifting forms the crux of the celebration. 

Flowers and cakes are the most sought-after gifts for birthdays. The bright and bold hue and the ever-pleasant fragrance make flowers the best birthday gift. Cutting cake is a birthday tradition that has been followed for several years. Thus, a birthday without a cake is unimaginable. 

Let us look at a few of the best flowers and cakes for birthdays.

Best flowers for a birthday

  • Showstopper

As the name stands for, this bouquet is a ‘showstopper.’ The beautiful purple and green shade adds to this bouquet's beauty. The bouquet has lavender roses beautified with filler flowers for that ultimate look. 

The Showstopper bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from. 

  • Ruby rouge bouquet

The perfect blend of white and pink makes the Ruby rouge bouquet stand out. The bouquet has dark pink, light pink and off-white roses artistically arranged to create a stunning floral treat. This bouquet makes a perfect birthday gift for a female friend. 

  • Latte paradise bouquet

If you are looking for a bouquet with a subtle hue, the Latte paradise bouquet is a perfect choice. The bouquet has pastel-coloured roses beautifully arranged with green eucalyptus leaves. The Brown bouquet wrapper adds to the beauty of the arrangement. 

  • Garden bliss vase

The natural beauty of a garden is replicated in the garden bliss vase arrangement. This beautiful arrangement has white spray roses, O'Hara roses and blue and pink hydrangeas that provide a stunning look. The bouquet is arranged in a clear glass vase, making a great side table decor.

  • Pink bliss bouquet

If you are looking for a bouquet with a feminine touch, the pink bliss bouquet is a perfect choice. The bouquet has pink hydrangeas, Julieta raspberry roses and white O'Hara roses that look stunning. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from.  

Best cakes for a birthday

  • Orange almond cake

This orange and almond cake is made of coconut sugar that perfectly melts in your mouth. The colourful dry fruit topping adds to the beauty and richness of the cake. 

This cake can serve 8-10 people and makes a perfect birthday treat. 

  • Kitkat fudge cake

The richness of chocolate is what makes the Kitkat fudge cake stand out. The chocolate fudge cake comes with rich chocolate buttercream topping decorated in rose swirls. The Kitkat wrapping around the cake adds to its taste. 

The Kitkat fudge cake makes a perfect choice for those who love chocolate. 

  • Red velvet sponge cake

The red velvet sponge cake, with its red hue and white frosted icing, makes a perfect choice for a birthday celebration. The cake is layered with butter icing, thus providing an awesome taste in every bite. 

  • Strawberry Victorian cake

A perfect mix of vanilla and strawberry makes the Strawberry Victorian cake a delectable piece. This beautiful vanilla cake is lined with strawberry vanilla custard cream frosting that melts in the mouth. Get this beautiful cake as a birthday treat for a dear friend. 

A flower bouquet and a cake are perfect for a birthday gift. Pick flowers and cakes of your choice from our online store and make your dear friend's birthday extra special. 

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