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The top housewarming present from a florist in Dubai

The Best Housewarming Gift from Flower Shop Dubai

Flower Shop Dubai stocks up on a variety of flowers for all occasions. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or any corporate event, the flower shop Dubai has flowers for the right occasion. These flowers are sourced fresh from farms around the world. Thus, the Flower Shop Dubai flowers are long-lasting and best suited for gifting and decoration. 

One occasion where flowers are gifted is a housewarming. The fresh and bright hue of the flowers can add a refreshing feel to the new home. Flowers with beautiful fragrances can even create a positive vibe in the house. 

Which are the right flowers for housewarming from the best flower shop Dubai?


  • Rose


Roses are the right flowers for all occasions. Whether as Love Flowers or Birthday flowers, roses make a perfect choice. The peculiarity of roses from the Best Flower Shop Dubai is that they convey the right emotion. Since orange roses symbolise warmth and enthusiasm, they make a perfect housewarming gift. 


  • Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are bushy flowers with delicate petals. They are available in various colours like white, pink and blue. A bunch of hydrangeas from the Best Flower Shop Dubai can brighten the interior and perk up the surroundings. Thus, it makes a perfect housewarming gift. 


  • Tulips


Tulips are Luxury flowers that are known for their unique shape. They are mostly found in Europe and Asia and come in different colours like red, white, pink, purple and yellow. Tulips are spring flowers that stand for the arrival of something new. By gifting tulips, you are wishing the recipient a new spring in their life in the form of a new house. 


  • Lilies


Lilies are amazing flowers from the best flower shop Dubai. It is known for its beautiful pattern, fantastic colour and fragrance. It provides a classy and majestic look wherever it is placed. Thus, it makes a perfect gift for a housewarming. 


The best housewarming flower bouquet from Online Flower Shop Dubai.

The online flower shop Dubai offers a few of the best flower bouquets for housewarming. These bouquets are artistically designed to exude warmth and style. 


  • Showstopper


Shades of purple make the Showstopper a stunning bouquet from online flower shop Dubai. This bouquet comes with purple roses and other filler flowers that create a refreshing feel indoors. Depending on your budget, you can gift the bouquet in original, deluxe or grande size.  


  • Orange passion bouquet


This is a monochromatic bouquet with orange as the base colour. This beautiful bouquet from online flower shop Dubai comes with orange roses, spray roses and carnations. Beautiful filler flowers and bright green leaves are added in between to provide an elegant look to the bouquet. 


  • Hermes bouquet


This is an elegantly crafted bouquet of roses, carnations and other filler flowers in a pastel shade. The pink colour of the rose and peach shades of filler flowers provide a stunning look to the bouquet. 


  • Hera bouquet


Beautiful pink lilies with variegated designs make the Hera bouquet a stunning piece. The bright green leaves of the bouquet strike a contrast to the pink shade of the flowers, thus making the whole bouquet stand out. 

Besides the above elegant bouquets, you can also gift indoor plants like bonsai and beautiful potted flowers like orchids for housewarming. 


The best gift you can give for a housewarming is flowers. The sheer beauty and elegance of flowers create a positive vibe wherever it is placed. You can gift flowers as bouquets, vase arrangements, box arrangements or basket arrangements, depending on your choice. Flowers are sure to add elegance to the interior, whichever way it is gifted. 

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