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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Beautiful New Year's flowers from 800 Flower for your loved ones

Beautiful New Year Flower for your dear ones from 800 Flower

It is that time of the year when celebrations are at their peak. Yes, it is New Year when adults and kids get together for merry-making. If you are invited to a friend’s place for a New Year celebration, there is no better gift than a New Year Flower. 

A new year flower with its bright, bold hue and the sweet scent makes a perfect gift for any occasion. You can gift whichever flower you want as a New Year Flower. But you should ensure that the arrangement is perfect for the occasion. 

Which are the best New Year Flowers Online you can gift a friend? 

The new year is all about joy and sharing. Thus, you can gift any flower as New Year Flowers Online. Here are a few you can select for that special day. 

  • Rose - In Dubai, roses are readily available at any time of the year. Thus, it makes great New Year Flowers Online. There is no specific colour of rose to gift for the new year. But it depends on whom you are sharing it with. If you are gifting roses as Love Flowers, undoubtedly, red roses get the upper hand. Rose also makes great Birthday flowers for anyone.
  • Tulips - Tulips are luxury flowers that you can gift as New Year Flowers Online. Tulips are available in different colours like pink, red and white. You can choose any colour of your choice. They are available as bouquet and vase arrangements for you to choose from.
  • Hydrangea - Hydrangeas are a perfect choice if you are looking for bushy flowers that make excellent side table decor pieces for the new year. These are delicate flowers that come as a bunch. It is available in white, blue, pink and green shades. 

Which are the best new year flowers Dubai from 800 Flower?

  • Philippa bouquet - This monochromatic purple bouquet has purple and off-white roses along with beautiful filler flowers. You can gift these New Year Flowers Dubai to a dear friend or colleague. You can also gift indoor plants like bonsai to add a touch of greenery.
  • Cloudy hydrangea in antique vase - This beautiful vase arrangement with pink hydrangeas makes perfect New Year Flowers Dubai. The blue ceramic vase is designed in an antique style that adds to the beauty of the arrangement.
  • Yellow orchid in a box - For those with a green thumb, the yellow orchid in a box makes a great gift as New Year Flowers Dubai. These yellow phalaenopsis orchids are potted in a grey-coloured box that provides an elegant look to them.
  • Be enchanted bouquet - This is a bouquet of green hydrangeas, off-white roses, and other beautiful filler flowers. Blue-coloured cut-leaf philodendron and other dyed leaves make this an enchanting bouquet.
  • Miami vibes in vase - Beautiful white orchids, peach roses and other dyed leaves make this a stunning arrangement. The white pot with a matte finish accentuates the beauty of this arrangement.
  • Charming pink ice in a vase - Beautiful white orchids, peach roses and other dyed leaves make this a stunning arrangement. The white pot with a matte finish accentuates the beauty of this arrangement.
  • Pastel magic vase arrangement - This mixed flowers vase arrangement comes with Mikito roses, spray roses, orchids, hydrangea and other filler flowers. A grey box with satin ribbon complements the pastel shade of the flowers. 


Beautiful new year flowers make the perfect gift for new year celebrations. You can also purchase these flowers to add a new year touch to your interiors. To purchase stunning flower arrangements for this new year, visit our website. 


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