Vacation Plant Care Tips


In a city like Dubai, where expats form a significant part of the population, vacationing by homeowners is quite common. While some go for a week-long vacation, others go for months on end to escape the harsh summer months of Dubai.

One of the biggest problems that you face while going on a vacation is how to take care of indoor plants. While plants can survive without water for a few weeks, it is not the case if you are going for an extended vacation. You need to ensure that the plants get enough moisture so that they can survive.

Here are a few plant care tips that are sure to help you out during vacation.

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants While on Vacation?

Water the plant well before leaving: If you are going for a short vacation, then you should water the plant well before you leave. Make sure that plants are watered at the root and not from the top. Keep them away from direct sunlight so that the water does not get evaporated.

If you have lucky bamboo in your house, then you should empty the water, clean the pot, and fill in fresh water. Typically, this water can last for about two weeks. Thus, you do not have to worry as to how to take care of a bamboo plant as bamboos are the easiest to maintain during a vacation.

Group the plants: If you have an extensive collection of indoor plants, then it is a good idea to group them. Arranging the plants together helps to retain its moisture. It also makes indoor plant care easy if you seek the help of your neighbor or friend.

Once grouped, you can even spread a damp cloth on top to retain the moisture and protect the leaves from dust.

Cover the soil: In plants, water gets evaporated from the ground very fast. Thus, it is a good idea to cover the soil with mulch. For money tree plant care, you can use any type of mulch like straw, pebble, or grass. Water the plant and then cover the soil so that it does not get evaporated.

You should also make sure that the soil is free from impurities like food particles. Such particles can be breeding ground for flies which can destroy your plant and flowers.

Take help from a neighbor: You can ask a neighbor to water the plants in your absence. If you are not comfortable with the neighbor entering the house in your absence, then you can keep the plants outside. But it would be a good idea to acclimatize the plant with the new environment before shifting it permanently. You can place the plant outside for a few hours each day so that it gets used to the new surroundings. Also, remember to keep it in the shade away from direct sunlight.

If you have air plants inside the house, they require special air plant care. For this, soak the plant first in water for a few hours so that it absorbs the water. Hang it upside down to let the excess water trickle down. Place a small fan near the plant so that there is proper air circulation. Make sure that you keep the plant from direct sunlight.

While taking care of plants that are kept inside the house, make sure that it is kept away from direct sunlight. If you have the habit of turning the air conditioner on while going on vacation, you should ensure that the plant is kept away from direct cooling.

How to Take Care of Outdoor Plants During Vacation?

Taking care of outdoor plants is rather easy than indoor plants as most of the outdoor plants can withstand direct sunlight. But some varieties of plants, especially those with beautiful flowers like rose, require special rose plant care. In such a case, you can ask a gardener to check on the plant once a week.

If you have an extensive collection of plants in Dubai, then you can go for a greenhouse to protect the plant. Also, remember to remove all unwanted weeds from around the plants as they can suck the water.

Watering Hacks for Plants

Drip irrigation system: This method can be followed for large easy-care indoor plants. Take a large bottle and put small holes on the cap. Fill the bottle with water and then replace the lid. Now, invert the bottle and bury it a few inches into the soil. Water will slowly trickle out through the hole, thus providing enough water for the plant.

While adopting this system, you should make sure that the holes are neither big nor too small. If the holes are big, then more water will trickle out. On the other hand, if the holes are tiny, then the required quantity of water may not come out.

String drip system: Before adopting this system, you should water the plant thoroughly. Otherwise, it will absorb the whole water from the drip system.

Take a bottle depending on the size of the plant to be watered. Now cut a long cotton string so that it extends from the base of the bottle to at least 3 inches inside the soil. Fill the jug with water. You can also mix liquid fertilizer along with the water if you wish. Place the jug in an elevated position so that the water can drip down through the string and reach the pot.

Bathtub watering: Line the bathtub with a plastic sheet and top it with newspaper. Now water the plant till the water drains down and soak the paper. Pull back the shower curtain. This way, the moisture will be retained, and the plant can survive for a few weeks.

If you go on vacation quite often, then it is a good idea to go for easy care plants that can survive a few days without water and fertilizer. This way, the plants can survive in your long absence.

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