Top Gifts for Successful Women

International Women's Day Dubai Gifts

The International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated in a variety of ways across the globe and in Dubai. In some countries such as Armenia, Dubai, Russia, and China, March 8th is an official holiday. However, in most countries it is not. Most people across the globe celebrate the day by presenting their mothers, female friends, girlfriends, and wives with gifts. Here are some exciting gifts you should definitely consider for IWD.

  1. Flowers

Most people say flowers are cliché and this is mostly true often because the flowers most women receive look the same. But don’t worry, there is a way around this; you can get her exotic flowers from us! The kind of flowers your female friend, relative or partner is unlikely to have seen on the streets. Check out the Purple Medley for instance. This exciting bouquet of fresh flowers will likely make the recipient extremely happy and in full appreciation of your selection.

Apart from making sure your flowers are unique, you could make the gift even more unique by adding a note with a few heartfelt words of appreciation.

You also can’t definitely go wrong with our “Vibrance” mixed flowers bouquet if you would like to consider an alternative!

  1. Food

If you are a good cook, then prepare a hearty meal for your mother or female friend. But if you are like most of us and you want to celebrate but not exhaust yourself cooking, you should definitely go for cake or a special bar of chocolates. And please don’t forget to attach a handwritten note. That will make everything sweeter. What’s more, if she loves chocolate cake, you are in the right place for one. Our Chocolate Hazelnut Cake is one of the tastiest baked goods in the country! Don’t take our word for it, order the 1kg size and see why this cake is one of our best sellers!

Our collection of delectable treats and desserts can also work as IWD presents.

  1. A Bonsai Tree

Perhaps the best gift you can give this International Women’s Day is a Bonsai tree. This is especially true if your special someone loves gardening (although the tree doesn’t require that much care), or if she loves indoor plants. Bonsai trees are unique and bring some sort of inexplicable peace and energy in any room they are placed. They can also instantly improve the décor of any desk or workplace. And with proper care, they last for decades.

Types of successful women

When speaking of success, we are not just talking about those who have become financially well off! In the IWD context, all women are successful. Successful women are those who have realized that something needs to be done for gender equality. Those who are already doing something to empower fellow women. Those who are parents and have successfully raised healthy, God-fearing children. Those who are doing business or have joined the not-so-friendly world of politics to make a change.

This International Women’s Day 2018, let’s all appreciate the journey women have made so far, and contribute in any way we can to further empower women in our communities and all around the world. We can contribute our voices online or in newspapers, personally thank the women in our lives by giving them presents, or simply send a note/ give them a call to appreciate the far they have come and the good they have done!

Celebrating International Women’s Day

When celebrating IWD, remember the meaning of

 Happy International Women’s day!

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