Top 3 Most Influential Women in Politics to celebrate this Women’s Day


“Politics is a dirty game”! Many people would certainly agree with this statement. To achieve political power, individuals have to maneuver in ways that may raise questions about their character. However, it is still through politics that individuals ascend to power and change their societies. Many women around the globe have risen to positions of power and influence in the global arena. They have refused to stick to the stereotypes attached to women and are making positive changes as politicians in their societies.

As we buy handmade gifts for women’s day or think of women’s day celebration ideas at work, here are three women to inspire your celebrations this national women’s day.

  1. Angela Markel

Image Credit: Armin Linnartz

Angela Merkel has been the German Chancellor (head of government) for over 12 years. She was recently re-elected despite a strong campaign by the nationalist AFD party. Merkel’s influence on the global stage is significant. As the head of the fourth-biggest economy in the world, her voice is valued by the international community. She has helped Germany to record strong economic growth even as other major world economies appear to have stalled. She has also committed to shutting down Germany’s nuclear reactors by 2022; a move that will significantly reduce the country’s carbon emissions. Lastly, through her leadership, Germany has accepted over one million refugees from different parts of the world including Iraq and Syria giving them a safe refuge away from home. And this was despite strong opposition from sections of the German population. The strong leadership exhibited by Merkel should definitely be emulated and should inspire more women to aspire for leadership positions. She is definitely worth celebrating this International Women’s Day.

  1. Theresa May

Image credit: Wikimedia

Theresa May is the Prime Minister (head of the government) in the United Kingdom. Her constitutional powers are only surpassed by those of Queen Elizabeth, whose government she heads. As the head of the world’s fifth largest economy, Theresa knows a thing or two about politics. Her political influence made her the country’s most powerful politician and that is no mean feat! And although the influence of Britain over world affairs has waned over the last century, the country still has enormous influence on the global stage and is one of the veto powers on the United Nations Security Council. In other words, May’s government decisions still have a global impact. Theresa May is an inspiration to many young women out there who may see themselves in her and how she has remained calm despite the many political shocks her government continues to face.

  1. Hillary Clinton

Image credit: Greg Skidmore

Hillary Clinton was a presidential candidate in the 2016 United States presidential election. Even though she lost to Donald Trump, she continues to have a strong political influence on the world of politics. She was also the First Lady to President Clinton and was later a State Secretary (foreign minister) in the Obama Administration. Her courage to go for the top political seat in the United States remains an inspiration to women in around the world. Through her Onward Together initiative, she continues to organize, and encourage individuals with progressive values to run for office in the United States!

Final thoughts

Clinton, May, and Merkel are just some of the most influential women in global politics. There are many more like them around the globe. As you can see, women can make changes. They can become leaders and even change the way we think and act about politics even from the outside. As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, these women may just give you an idea or two about how you can help change the world in your own way.

Happy International Women’s day!

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