What does the number of roses mean?

Rose Stems in Dubai

While gifting a rose to someone in Dubai, most of the people give importance to the color of the flower. While a red rose signifies love, a white rose signifies purity or peace. If you want to gift rose to your friends, then yellow would be the preferred choice.

But what about the number of roses? Have you ever considered the number of roses while gifting? Do you know that the number of roses you gift has special meaning?

Below are the number of roses and what they signify:

1 Rose

– Gifting one rose means love at first sight. If you are gifting it to your loved one after few years, it signifies that he/she is still the one you love.

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1 Rose

2 Roses

– Two roses indicate that you are genuinely in love with the person

3 Roses

– Three roses points to the three words in “I love you.”

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3 Roses

4 Roses

– Gifting four roses is the right way to convey the message that nothing will come between you two.

5 Roses

– Five roses signify how much you care for the other person.

6 Roses

– Six roses give the feeling that “I want to be yours.” If you are dating someone and want to take the relationship to the next level, then Six Stolen Kisses would be the right gift.

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7 Roses

– Seven roses signify infatuation.

8 Roses

– Eight roses show support. If a friend or relative is going through a tough situation, then gifting eight roses show that you support them in that situation.

9 Roses

– Gifting nine roses is a symbol that you want to spend the rest of the life with the other person.

10 Roses

– Ten roses denote 10/10. I.e. the other person is perfect.

11 Roses

– Gifting eleven roses signify that you are my treasured one.

12 Roses

– By gifting twelve roses to someone, you are asking the person to be yours.

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12 Roses

13 Roses

– Thirteen roses symbolize secret admiration. It also stands for eternal friendship.

14 Roses

– By gifting fourteen roses, you are telling the other person that you are proud of him/her

15 Roses

– Gifting fifteen roses is asking for forgiveness. Thus, if you have done something wrong to another person, then you should gift him/her fifteen roses asking for their forgiveness.

20 Roses

– Twenty roses symbolize your sincerity towards a person.

25 Roses

– By gifting twenty-five roses, you wish the person all happiness in the world

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26 Roses

– Thirty roses signify faithfulness in a relation.

40 Roses

– Forty roses signify that your love for the person is genuine

50 Roses

– By gifting 50 premium long stemmed roses, you tell the other person that your love has matured and is never regretted.

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50 Roses

99 Roses

– If you want to tell a person that you will love them till you die, then gift them a bouquet with ninety-nine roses.

100 Roses

– A hundred roses signify that you are entirely devoted to the other person. Finding 100 ways to say ‘I Love you’ is easier now.

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100 Roses

If you are planning to gift rose to that special person in your life, make sure that the number of roses is correct.

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